Boooook Laaaaaaunch

Institute of Contemporary Arts, The Mall, London, SW1Y 5AH. 5 Nov 2015. 7:00 pm | Theatre | £5.00

An evening of performance, music and film in the ICA Theatre in celebration of concrete and sound poet Bob Cobbing (1920 – 2002). Featuring performances from Paula Claire, Will Holder, Hugh Metcalfe with Oscar Gaynor and Henrik Heinonen, Holly Pester and David Toop, audio interruptions by Heather Phillipson and screenings of films by Bob Cobbing.

This event marks the launch of Boooook: Bob Cobbing (Rosie Cooper, William Cobbing, Occasional Papers, 2015) Boooook addresses all aspects of Cobbing’s rich career, with new essays detailing his key roles in Better Books, London Film-makers’ Co-op and the abAna trio, as well as his involvement in the Destruction in Art Symposium, Fylkingen and Writers Forum.

Make Perhaps This Out Sense of Can You

A Free Symposium on Bob Cobbing. Chelsea College of Arts (Banqueting Suite). 10:00- 18:00, Thursday 21 May.

Make Perhaps This Out Sense of Can You contextualises Cobbing’s work as a concrete poet as well as looking at his legacy as an organiser. The day is built around concerns that continue to be relevant today, such as the value of artist-led publishing initiatives, archiving artist collections, and the intersections between art, poetry, literature and music. More details can be found at Robert Sheppard’s site.

The Text Festivals: Language Art and Material Poetry


The Text Festivals: Language Art and Material Poetry edited by Tony Lopez

It is a remarkable phenomenon that the foremost among recent sites of this interrogation of boundaries has been a series of festivals located in Bury, on the outskirts of Greater Manchester. World leading artists and poets have been brought together in a range of exhibitions and performances that demonstrate a new and productive collision of different cultural enterprises and expectations. Among those shown at the Text Festivals are Fiona Banner, derek beaulieu, Caroline Bergvall, Joseph Beuys, Christian Bok, Brass Art, Marcel Broodthaers, Pavel Buchler, Augusto de Campos, Zeynep Cansu, Henri Chopin, Bob Cobbing, Liz Collini, Philip Davenport, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Hamish Fulton, Eugen Gomringer, Robert Grenier, Alan Halsey, Alexander Jorgenson, Satu Kaikonen, Martin Kippenburger, Karri Kokko, Marton Koppany, On Kawara, Helmut Lemke, Richard Long, Tony Lopez, Jackson Mac Low, Hansjorg Mayer, Steve Miller, Kerry Morrison, Maurizio Nannucci, Patrick Fabian Panetta, Holly Pester, Tom Philips, Shaun Pickard, Kate Pickering, Hester Reeve (HRH.the), Spencer Roberts, Ed Ruscha, Ron Silliman, Mary Ellen Solt, Magda Stawarska-Beavan, Harald Stoffers, Carolyn Thompson, Nick Thurston, Aysegul Tozeren, TNWK, Tony Trehy, Nico Vasilakis, Carol Watts, Lawrence Weiner, George Widener, Ming Wong, and Eric Zboya. Artists, poets and curators working in these overlapping fields have written this book. It includes new essays by Tony Trehy (director of the Text Festivals), derek beaulieu, Christian Bok, Liz Collini, James Davies, Philip Davenport, Robert Grenier, Alan Halsey, Tony Lopez, Holly Pester, Hester Reeve (HRH.the), Carolyn Thompson, and Carol Watts.

OUT NOW from Plymouth University Press or via Amazon

ABC in Sound

Curated by William Cobbing and Rosie Cooper

Opening Tuesday 8 October 2013, 6–8pm

Exhibition 9 October–22 November 2013

Exhibition Research Centre
Art and Design Academy
Liverpool John Moores University
Duckinfield Street
Liverpool L3 5RD
T 0151 904 1216

ABC in Sound is an exhibition about the pioneering British concrete and sound poet Bob Cobbing (1920-2002). Highlighting his personal collection, ABC in Sound represents the first opportunity to discover these documents, books, films, prints and sound pieces.

Cobbing is best known for his performed works in which language is anarchically stretched through the deployment of shouts, groans and hisses, interspersed between more recognisable tracts of spoken word. The exhibition will feature such recordings as the seminal ‘ABC in Sound’, made in 1964 for the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, as well as recorded performances for Fylkingen Records in Stockholm, and the anarchic noise ensembles Birdyak and abAna. It will also include some of the innumerable publications and printed works that he made: visual scores involving pages of collaged words, often distorted on specialist printing presses, blurring the distinction between decipherable text and abstract imagery, the validity of the written word chaotically dismantled. He made one such work for the 1966 Destruction in Art Symposium live on stage, running the stencil for the symposium’s press release through a duplicating machine until it broke up.

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The Other Room ensemble: ABC in Sound

Last night’s spectacular celebration of Bob Cobbing included an ensemble performance of his ABC in Sound, featuring Tim Allen, Joanne Ashcroft, Richard Barrett, Leanne Bridgewater, Matt Dalby, Phil Davenport, James Davies, Ollie Evans, Patricia Farrell, Clive Fencott, Alan Halsey, Michael Haslam, Tom Jenks, Angela Keaton, Geraldine Monk, Maggie O’Sullivan, Holly Pester, Robert Sheppard, Adrian Slatcher, Scott Thurston, Gareth Twose, Steven Waling, Steve Willey and Nigel Wood. You can watch the film above.

Films of the first half readings by Clive Fencott and Robert Sheppard and Patricia Farrell will follow soon.

Preview of Other Room 35 reader Clive Fencott

Preview of October 23rd reader Clive Fencott who will read alongside Robert Sheppard, Patricia Farrell and the ABC in Sound ensemble next week. Click on the link below to visit his website.


A celebration of Bob Cobbing. Patricia Farrell, Clive Fencott, Robert Sheppard and an ensemble performance of ABC in Sound. The Castle Hotel, Oldham Street, Manchester, M2 4PD. Tuesday 23rd October 2012, 7.00 pm. FREE





Anna Barham, Julika Gittner, Heather Phillipson with Jennifer Cobbing,
Robert Sheppard with Patricia Farrell and a photocopier.

Curated by Bridget Crone


Opening on 28 SEPT 6 – 8pm
Thurs – Sun 12 – 6pm
Late nights – Last Friday of the month until 8pm

The exhibition,
EYE MUSIC FOR DANCING takes experimentation with phonetics as a starting point, addressing the abstraction of language through the physicality of sound itself. Alliteration, tonal patterning, feedback, distortion, stretched and reshaped vocalizations are explored through work by London based artists, Anna Barham, Julika Gittner and Heather Phillipson alongside a selection of the poet, Bob Cobbing’s work.

For this performance afternoon, SOME PERFORMANCES, Barham, Gittner and Phillipson (the exhibiting artists) will present performancesthat relate to or extend our understanding of the work in exhibition. For example, Anna Barham’s durational reading-performance, Volume II provides a sense of the physical (or as Cobbing would say, “muscular”) activity of language itself.

In addition to these performances related directly to the exhibition, EYE MUSIC FOR DANCING, the poets, Robert Sheppard (with Patricia
Farrell) will perform a work with that he wrote in collaboration with Cobbing in 2001. And Cobbing’s wife and collaborator, Jennifer Pike will
also perform.As we know, Cobbing’s use of the photocopier was a central aspect of his work and we pay homage to his processual practice – the focus on language as a physical and perhaps machinic activity. We extend an open invitation to writers and poets to bring finish worked or work in progress for performance and duplication via the photocopier that will be install in the gallery space.


Flat Time House
210 Bellenden Road
London SE15
+44 (0)20 7207 4845

Flat Time
House is the home and studio of the late British artist John Latham.

Flat Time House is a few minutes walk from Peckham Rye and East Dulwich British Rail stations. There are regular, fast trains from London Bridge & Victoria. Buses to Peckham Library or Rye Lane.

Hidden Agendas: Unreported Poetics

Hidden Agendas: Unreported Poetics is now online in a PDF format at It contains a slection of writings on Edwin Denby, Mark Hyatt, Bern Porter, Asa Benveniste, Lukáš Tomin, William Bronk, Gilbert Sorrentino, Robbie Walker, Bob Cobbing, Paddy Roe, Philip Whalen, Loop Poetics, Cyberpoetics, Flarf and other poets and poetics from the 1960s to the present that/who might be considered ”neglected” in some way. Contributors: Ali Alizadeh, Louis Armand, Livio Beloi, Jeremy Davies, Stephan Delbos, Michel Delville, Johanna Drucker, Michael Farrel, Allen Fisher, Vincent Katz, Stephen Muecke, Jena Osman, Michael Rothenberg, Lou Rowan, Kyle Schlesinger, Robert Shepperd, Stephanie Strickland, John Wilkinson. Can also be got in hardcopy from the publisher, Litteraria Pragensia Books in Prague.

Via Vlak Magazine


Bob Cobbing on Radio 4

Make Perhaps This Out Sense Of Can You

Sun 20 Mar 2011; 16:30; BBC Radio 4 (FM only)
Sat 26 Mar 2011; 23:30; BBC Radio 4

Bob Cobbing’s playful experiments with sound and text have inspired a generation of poets, artists and composers. A writer whose work skittered between literature and music, poetry and artwork – he is, perhaps, best remembered for his extraordinary poetry readings. With his operatic, resonant voice he would boom, howl, chant and whisper leaving his audience enchanted and enraged in equal measures.

In this programme we delve into the work of Bob Cobbing – exploring his influence on the publishing world, his role in one of the most turbulent periods at the Poetry Society and the visual poem that outraged Margaret Thatcher.

Revered and reviled – he has been a controversial figure at times. In this feature the writers Iain Sinclair, Peter Finch, Alan Brownjohn and Paula Claire, amongst others, reflect on the musicality of his work, how he challenged the conventional notion of poetry and the surprising controversy sound and visual poetry caused in the twentieth century.

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