pickles & jams by cris cheek

‘pickles & jams’ is out now from the excellent BlazeVOX [books]. Beautifully designed, it contains 99 lyrics and is shipping now. You can order direct through BlazeVOX: http://www.blazevox.org/…/pickles-and-jams-by-cris-cheek-4…/. A clutch of responses to the work are on the BlazeVOX page to wet your appetite.

$4 postage for buyers in the UK and EU . . . making the book worth the price of postage alone. Book and postage for a round $20.

Iona by Andy Martrich

Quince Eastwood: proud Iona alum, a man still drawn to that small Catholic college in New Rochelle. He’s looking for love in all the wrong places, and tracking info down via the absolute worst subforum. And how could he not? Iona’s a place where no one’s safe from transmutation, from instantly viral dipshittery.

Iona’s got its fair share of secrets, and plenty of embarrassing truths. Jeffrey McNition’s about to find himself subject to both. Oanez Nasdaq thinks academia is her ticket out of this mess— but there’s plenty of hard work ahead. She has to finish her PhD; she has to teach. Dr. Avery Moore is a psychiatrist who really wants to know Quince, and wants to know he can’t hurt her. The poor doctor’s about to learn how wrong she can be. So is Oanez, standing beside that green Honda Jazz one second longer than she should have.
Need any more? Dr. Steve Billings? Who’s Hopson — does he actually exist? What’s Steve into?

It’s not worth proving. Goodbye, goodbye, Starbucks.

More at BlazeVox.


The BlazeVOX controversy

“A big controversy in the poetry world these days is the discussion surrounding Buffalo-based small press BlazeVOX [book]’s (now discontinued) model of charging some authors a portion of the costs of publishing their poetry books ($250, as I gather). In the closing months of last year, the revelation of this practice inflamed passions in the generally staid world of independent literary publishing. The controversy just got an enormous boost with the recent decision of the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) banning poets from listing books published by BlazeVOX on their grant applications.

Questions arise about the viability of poetry publishing in an age of narrow audiences and little financial reward, and about gate-keeping, quality control, editorial integrity and the technologies of dissemination.”

Read more, including the thoughts of Geoffrey Gatza, in this piece by Anis Shivani at The Huffington Post.

New BlazeVOX now online

Featuring Alban Fischer, Amy Hard, Amanda Stephens, Amy Lawless, Amylia Grace, Andrea Dulanto, AE Baer, Anisa Rahim, Antony Hitchin, Brad Vogler, Barbara Duffey, Benjamin Dickerson, Bob Nimmo, Billy Cancel, Brian Edwards, Brian Anthony Hardie, Ashley Burgess, Carlos Ponce-Meléndez, Carol Smallwood, Caroline Klocksiem, Chad Scheel, Christine Herzer, Darren Caffrey, David Toms, Debrah Morkun, Diana Salier, Donna Danford, David Plumb, Ed Makowski, Elizabeth Brazeal, Eric Wayne Dickey, Erin J. Mullikin, Julie Finch, Flower Conroy, George McKim , Geoffrey Gatza, Sarah Sweeney, Geer Austin, Heather Cox, henry 7. reneau, jr, Howie Good, Ivan Jenson, Ian Miller, James Mc Laughlin, Jason Joyce, Jeff Arnett, Julia Anjard Maher, Joshua Young, Jennifer Thacker, Kate Lutzner, Kelci M. Kelci, Laura Straub, Martin Willitts Jr, Margot Block, Myl Schulz, Camille Roy, Megan Milligan, Michael Caylo-Baradi, Michael Crake, Michael Hartman, Nick Miriello, Nicole Peats, Orchid Tierney, Philip Sultz, SJ Fowler, Steven Taylor, Steve Potter, Stephan Delbos, Simon Perchik, Sean Neville, Sarah Sousa , Bob Whiteside, Ricardo Nazario y Colón, Santiago del Dardano Turann, John Raffetto, Bruce Bromley, Carl Dimitri, Gregory Dirkson, Jordan Martich, Natalie McNabb, Moura McGovern, Jennifer Houston, Robert Vaughan, Christi Mastley, pd mallamo and bruno neiva. Get it here.

BlazeVOX 2kX Spring 2010 now online

The new issue of the ever-interesting BlazeVOX is now online here, featuring work from Aaron Lowinger; David Tomaloff; Abbie J. Bergdale; Adrian Stumpp; Andre Zucker; April A.; Ariel Lynn Butters; Arkava Das; Ather Zia; B.C. Havens ; Bree Katz; Brian Anthony Hardie; Brian Spaeth; Bryanna Licciardi; Chris Chambers; Christopher Khadem; Colin Dardis; Constance Stadler; Daniel Godston; Daniel Romo; Dario Mohr; David Patterson; David Koehn; david smith; Dennis Etzel Jr.; Desiree Santos; Edward William Cousins; Edwin Wilson Rivera; Elizabeth Kerlikowske; Emma Ramos; Erik B. Olson; Evan Schnair; Joseph Farley; M. ; Geoffrey Gatza; Geoffrey Babbitt; Gloria ; Harmony Button; Jim Bennett; Isaac James Baker; Jacob Russell; Jaime Birch; Jill Jones; Jan LaPerle; John McKernan; Katie Jean Shinkle; Keith Moul; Kyllikki Brock Persson; Lance Newman; Lucy Hunt; Linda Ravenswood; Travis Macdonald; Leonard Gontarek; Lara K. Dolphin; Leon Whyte; Julie Kovacs; Mark Cunningham; Mark Moore; Marc Paltrineri; Melanie Sevcenko; Michael Rerick; Mick Raubenheimer; Mitch Corber; Natascha Tallowin; Peter Vullo; Valentine Pakis; Parker Tettleton; Peter Golub ; Philip Byron Oakes; Peter Brown Hoffmeister; Yemi Oyefuwa; Walter William Safar; Ken Kesner; R Pang; Rachael Stanford; Ramya Kumar; Raymond Farr; Rebecca Chadwick; Rebecca Lindenberg; Richard Barrett; Rich Follett; Robert Stoddard; Robert Wexelblatt; Sam Silva; Sankar Roy; Santiago del Dardano Turann; Tyson Bley; Scott Sweeney; Serena M Tome; Steve Gilmartin ; Shimmy Boyle; Bart Sonck; Sophie Sills; Stacy Kidd; Stephen Baraban ; Steven Fowler; Steve Roggenbuck; Tim Tomlinson; Travis Cebula; Richard Owens; Peter Fernbach.

Give thanks to BlazeVox

Thanksgiving 2009. Thanksgiving Menu Poem : guest of honor C. D. Wright.

The ninth installment of Geoffrey Gatza’s Thanksgiving Menu Poem is now online at BlazeVox.

“This is a concept poem structured around the thanksgiving meal I would cook for everyone I could invite to honor a great poet. This year, the guest of honor is C. D. Wright.”

More here.

BlazeVOX2k9 Fall now online

Work from:

  • Adam Katz and Jackie Stluka
  • Alan Botsford Saitoh
  • Alan Britt
  • April A.
  • Aryan Kaganof
  • Austin Givens
  • Avel Berumen
  • bani haykal
  • Barrie Mac Clellan
  • Bethany Price
  • Breonna Krafft
  • Brian Anthony Hardie
  • C.N. Bean           
  • Christina Manweller
  • Clay Carpenter
  • Dan Brady
  • David M. Morini
  • Dayne Duranti
  • Duane Locke
  • Ed Makowski
  • Emily Brown
  • Elizabeth Zuba
  • Elaine Kahn
  • Even
  • Heather Fowler
  • Hugh Behm-Steinberg
  • Iain Britton
  • Ivan Jenson
  • James Mc laughlin
  • James Cook

More here.


The Spring 2009 issue of BlazeVox is online now, featuring work from mez breeze, Rachael Stanford, Brooks Johnson, Patrick Chapman, Aaron Anstett, Abby Stringer, Scott Abels, Adam Siegel, adam strauss, Alec Newman, Andy Frazee, A.D.Hitchin, Ashley VanDoorn, Dennis Barone, Alex Stolis, Brian Hardie, Christie Ann Reynolds, Constance Stadler, Curt Hopkins, Darren Caffrey, David Tolkacz, David Wolach, Dion Farquhar, Donald Illich, Ed Baker, Felino Soriano, Glenn R. Frantz, John C. Goodman, James Brown, Jan Imgrund, Jay Snodgrass, Jennifer H. Fortin, Joe Hall, John Pursley III, John Moore Williams, Karen Sandhu and Tom Jenks.