Spruce by Tom Jenks

Tom Jenks has a new book out by the great blart press.


Spruce is poem of the long now, where everything that happens and has happened happens at once, where King John and Lenin occupy the same space as Piers Morgan and the cast of Glee. Written rapidly in longhand on lunch breaks, on public transport and in various provincial shopping malls and melancholic chain hotels in David Cameron’s Britain, Spruce could be called a business park pastoral or a sustained work of muffled hysteria, like someone screaming under a duvet.


Peter Manson – Mallarme in English out from blart books

English in Mallarmé 
Peter Manson
96 Pages
With an introduction by Ellen Dillon

Manson reveals English words hiding within the original French text of Mallarmé’s poems.

‘These pages are strewn with shreds of words: unevenly dispersed, semantically uncomfortable in each other’s company, they stumble together to make momentary meaning before drifting apart on the white space of the page.’


Blart 2

Issue 2 of Blart is out now, featuring:

  • Alan Halsey
  • Susan Banks
  • Alex Willie Singerman
  • Emily Critchley
  • Harry Godwin
  • John Muckle
  • Juha Virtanen
  • Susana Gardner
  • Mark Smith
  • Peter Philpot
  • Sarah Kelly
  • Alan Hay
  • James Harvey
  • Andrew Spragg


blart 1

blart 1 is now online here
featuring work by:

  • tom jenks
  • andy jordan
  • nicolas spicer
  • chris stephenson
  • james davies
  • ryan ormonde
  • jasmine rosenbloom
  • sean burn
  • gareth durasow
  • alison faulds
  • allen fisher
  • matthew martin
  • steven waling
  • michael zand
  • david marriott
  • colin herd
  • becky cremin
  • geof huth
  • posie rider
  • yolanda tudor-bloch
  • richard barrett
  • hazel mcadin
  • david clarke
  • tom oliver graham
  • michael dean
  • zachary chartkoff
  • ariel moon
  • nat raha
  • s j fowler