Alex Davies – How Vivid the Claret

Other Room founding member Alex Davies has a pamphlet out with Arthur Shilling press. Check it out:

£1.80 (UK & EU only), Arthur Shilling Press, 2011 (24 pages, A6, first 20 copies have unique cover images taken from “Stories for Boys”, the remaining 10 copies are reproduced prints)

To purchase from outside the UK/EU, please contact the editor Harry Godwin


Soho Curzon Poetry Reading – SJ Fowler – October Wednesday 6th 7pm

A release of five SJ Fowler publications by four presses Zimzalla / Knives Forks & Spoons press / Kitt press / Arthur Shilling press ( ( ( ( Wednesday October 6th 2010 ~ 7pm ~ Entrance free the Soho Curzon cinema, Mezzanine bar
99 Shaftesbury Avenue London W1D 5DY 0871 703 3988

A unique collaborative poetry event featuring the presence of the four of the UK’s most vital and productive publishing organisations. The event will feature a forty-minute reading from SJ Fowler and a sales table with work from the list of each of the presses.

SJ Fowler is one of the most prolific and inventive young poets emerging in Britain. A formidable reader, his poetry is concerned with the latency of aggression in passive cultures, and the violence of the banal.  A devotee of boxing, his symbolic engagement with the combative arts lends his writing an assailing immediacy. Concurrently antagonistic and innovative, his poetry is distinct and affecting whether spoken or read from the page – Robert Sutcliffe (editor of Kitt press)

Kitt press present Saint Augustine of Hippo

A poetic / pictorial collaboration with the artist David Kelly, the book is a love letter to Augustine’s secular lust and apparently disingenuous commitment to chastity. The fragmented abstract of an Augustine icon permeates the poetry.

The Knives forks Spoons press present Arthur Abraham

Ten poems in celebration of the German / Armenian boxer recall the tonality of epic Anglo-Saxon poetry run through the grinder of avant-garde documentation.

Kitt press present Animal Husbandry

A series of poems written in response to the Rorschach inkblot paintings of Sian Williams. Each is a meditation on the novelty of this psychological test and the supposed inevitability of its response – an invocation of the sexualized female form.

Arthur Shilling press presents Antonio Margarito

A poetry cycle dedicated to the Mexican boxer banned for loading his gloves with Plaster of Paris, the poems evoke Aztec ritual invocations and Beat-esque free verse ecstatics.

ZimZalla presents Klitschko

Zimzalla object number 6 is a boxing poster designed by SJ Fowler in the manner of the Vienna group concrete poets. Mixing heavy blocked type with irreverent commentaries on the nature of punching people in the face for a living.

Subscribe to Arthur Shilling

Harry Godwin’s estimable imprint is now offering an annual subscription for a highly economical £12. For this, you get at least 6 chapbooks, plus the option to buy more books the press publishes at a discount rate. As if this were not enough, you can even have your name listed on the site and a link to your own site or blog – a fine way to burnish your own poetic escutcheon. More details here.