Two new open calls on 3am magazine

Duos: collaborative poems written / made by two poets. There is no criteria for the poems or process. Please send a single bio and single photo for both authors.

Poem Brut: poems exploring handwriting, abstraction, illustration, asemic and pansemic writing, visual poetry and material process, colour, scribbling, scrawlings, crossings out, ink, forgotten notes, found text, interaction between paper and pen, and pencil, geometric poems, inarticulate poems, minimalism, collage, toilet wall writing. No works produced on a computer.

More details here.

Maintenant #83 – Daniele Pantano

One of the leading poets of central Europe, a Swiss poet by all rights, is somehow is also one of its leading poets of exile. Daniele Pantano, vigorous, multifaceted, considered and cerebral in his poetry, is one of the most active and highly regarded translators of modern Swiss poets and writers, and has brought to light some of the finest authors of the 20th century in Walser, Dürrenmatt and Trakl. Moreover, he has a fine reputation as a critic, poet and teacher in both America and England. His is a story of living in more than one country, writing in more than one language, pursuing poetry in more than one facet, and anyone who has read his work will not be surprised by the breadth of his background and erudition of his account. Discussing the modern history of Swiss literature, his own journey from Switzerland to America to England and the work that is marking him out as one of the most remarkable talents of his generation, Maintenant presents its 83rd edition and it’s first Swiss poet, Daniele Pantano.

Accompanying the interview are four poems from Daniele’s remarkable, and ever growing, new project, Mass Graves.

Parts XIX-XXII are available on The Knives Forks and Spoons Press.

Maintenant #63: Colin Herd

Inarguably symbolic of the dexterity and erudition of a new generation of Scottish poets, Colin Herd is an instantly memorable presence in the contemporary poetry scene north of the border. Deft, at times demure, urbane and insightful, his poetry is effusive in its grace and ease of motion. Yet Herd is a markedly energetic presence leading a resurgence of poetry in and around the city of Edinburgh. A critic of some note and already demanding a considerable following in both the UK and the United States (lauded by Dennis Cooper, amongst others) we are pleased he is our first Scots Maintenant inductee and another valuable addition to the growing record of contemporary European poetry.

Accompanying the interview are six of Colin’s poems.

It should also be mentioned Colin is going to be reading at the next Maintenant event in just under 3 weeks time.

Maintenant #62: Pekko Käppi

Pekko Käppi is a balladeer, in the very purest sense a poet. A linguistic artisan and communicator, Käppi’s practise serves not only to preserve elements of his heritage, through his repatriation of Finnish ballads and folk songs and his mastery of the Jouhikko, but to explore the newest and most exciting areas of the sonic, and vitally, the linguistic. His poetry and music cannot be limited to a single genre as it cannot, should not, be limited to a single medium. A vital representation of Maintenant’s aim to display all forms of poetic, with Pekko Käppi and our 62nd edition we are perhaps returning to the very root of poetry.

Accompanying the interview is a unique sample of Pekko’s work. Three sound files of his songs Mariainen, Sonja & Vuonna 86 are available to play along with their text in both Finnish and English, and an introduction to the song’s meaning and historical context by Pekko himself.

Maintenant #61: Marcus Slease

Though the Maintenant series tries not to overstate the importance of the poet’s origin, practicality alone demands an attempt to show the range of European poetries with a representative range of nations. However in actually seeking out those poets creating exciting, original, genuinely evolutionary work, we find many cannot be tied to one single nation – they are migratory, multi-lingual – pan-European if not pan-global. Marcus Slease fits this archetype more than most. By birth he stands as the first Northern Irish poet to feature in our series. However by experience he is a poet of England, America, Poland, Italy, Turkey. Unsurprisingly he is an adroit and worldly writer, defined by his ability to remain elastic and fluid, and utterly unpretentious in his idiom, and yet fulfilling and resonant in his tone. His poetics are extremely contemporary, and yet they seem to maintain the confidence and solidity of time past. A major feature of the current London scene, we are pleased to introduce Marcus Slease as the 61st edition of Maintenant.

Accompanying the interview are six of Marcus’ poems.

Maintenant #60: Luljeta Lleshanaku

It is hard to make a case against Luljeta Lleshanaku being the greatest Albanian poet of the modern era. Such is the measure of her work, and her repute across Europe and America. Her poetry reflects her marked humility and reverence for the written word, utterly unique and yet universal in a way that belies the overuse of that concept. Though a child of political exile and marginalization, let alone physical danger, her work remains dignified and singular, and nor does she allow her poetry to be dominated by the issues of her nation, of it’s politics and history. She is a voice that would be recognized as truly poetic in any language, in any setting and this perhaps her most remarkable achievement. A winner of the International Kristal Vilenica prize (following the likes of Peter Handke, Zbigniew Herbert & Milan Kundera) it is wonderful to announce her first work published in the UK will be released this September with Bloodaxe Books, already a Poetry Book Society Recommended Translation, and she will be attending this year’s Aldeburgh poetry festival in November . It is honour to introduce the 60th edition of Maintenant, a pioneer of Balkan poetry and a rightfully major figure in the current European poetry landscape.

Accompanying the interview are eight of Luljeta’s poems, translated by Ani Gjika.

Maintenant #39 – Efe Duyan

Via Steven Fowler:

One of the most complex and magisterial poetic traditions in Europe, Turkey continues to produce some of the finest poets writing today, as it has done consistently for centuries. Efe Duyan is one of the most resolute stylists and theorists of his generation, a lauded Nazim Hikmet scholar and an architect by trade, his eloquent and erudite poetry has earned him a reputation across the continent. One of the many brilliant poets participating in Literature Across Frontiers, we are honoured to welcome Efe Duyan as the first Turkish poet to be featured in Maintenant.
Accompanying the interview are six of his poems.

Maintenant #20 – Adam Zdrodowski

From Steven Fowler:

An interview with the Polish poet, Adam Zdrodowski, the 20th subject of the 3am magazine interview series centred on contemporary European poets.
Three of his poems are also included.

The entire Maintenant series can be viewed here.

We have now confirmed the date of the next Maintenant reading for Saturday September 25th at the Rich Mix arts centre near Brick Lane in London. The event will feature Norwegian poets. More details to follow.

Maintenant – new site

The 3am magazine Maintenant series aims to evidence, through discussion with Europe ’s most exceptional young poets, the continued pertinence of poetry for a new generation of talent from a diverse selection of European poetic traditions. The interviews, and the poetry that accompanies them, have shown the slow dissolution of stylistic recalcitrance, internal bias to gender and race, methodological snobbery and poetical jingoism. The fusion of poetic expression inevitable in a world of increased communication, access and political freedom is remarkable and cause for optimism where so often there is pessimism in poetry circles. The range and depth of poetry on display, and it’s standard, is a small representation of what each nation is producing.

The Maintenant dictum is to introduce poets that might lie outside of the Anglo-American scene, or be overlooked until they have reached the prominence of middle age. More at the new Maintenant site here.

3am magazine presents contemporary Romanian poetry

Via Steven Fowler:

3am magazine presents contemporary Romanian poetry – Elena Vladareanu, Ruxandra Novac and Adrian Urmanov.

The Rich Mix arts centre, London (Shoreditch / Brick Lane) – Saturday May 29th – 7pm – Entrance free to all

For the first of the Maintenant interview series readings 3am magazine presents three of the most exciting and acerbic contemporary poets emerging from Romania since the millenium. Challenging, caustic and resolute, their poetry retains the dark humour so prevalent under dictatorship with the utterly modern vernacular of a generation that has come to fruition post-1989. Attacks on misogyny, sexual repression, political idealism and linguistic correctness are interspersed with exactingly crafted free poetry, literary and resounding, distinct for it’s energy and image, and despite a textual tendency to the climactic, this reading will remain very much literary in style. Performing as part of a national tour, this is a chance to see the brightest young talent from a distinct and vivid European poetical tradition.

Selections of their work have recently been published by Cleaves Journal

Interviews with each poet are available here at 3am, Cadaverine and Pomegranate magazines respectively.

Maintenant #2: Elena Vladareanu