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Nojagtig Pamplemousse

Nojagtig Pamplemousse was shown at the recent if p then q book launches. It is part of the book  Absolute Elsewhere by Joy as Tiresome Vandalism published by The Knives Forks and Spoons Press. The video below is to be played on a loop. It’ll be archived at if p then q in the next few days.

LINK to Knives Forks and Spoons Press

LINK to video

if p then q book launches in just over two weeks

if p then q readings & book launches

@ Odder Bar
14 Oxford Road (opposite The BBC), Manchester, UK
23rd June 2010
6.30 pm [1:30 pm Eastern Time in the US]
Free admission

Joy as Tiresome Vandalism
Geof Huth
Tom Jenks
Lucy Harvest Clarke


6.30: Joy as Tiresome Vandalism present Nøjagtig Pamplemousse
7.00: Geof Huth (live stream – watch at
7.45: Lucy Harvest Clarke (watch live at
8.15: Tom Jenks: (watch live at

If you can’t be there in person use the above URLs to watch on the internet. Please be aware that all times are approximate.

More Absolute Elsewhere

Absolute Elsewhere is a collaborative text and image project by James Davies and Simon Taylor – collectively known as Joy As Tiresome Vandalism. The latest instalment is online now. Click here to view the whole project.

Simon Taylor’s responses to Scott Thurston’s Internal Rhyme

In 2007, in the space of two weeks, Simon Taylor responded to Scott Thurston’s Matchbox N0. 9, Internal Rhyme, shooting around 12 films. These were then edited down to 150 negatives which became 150 unique gifts in  Matchbox No. 9.  Matchbox No.9 was just a sample of the collection Internal Rhyme which will be available in 2011 from Shearsman. Other parts of the poem have been published over the last couple of years in various magazines. The links below are to:

Matchbox No.9, Scott Thurston’s Internal Rhyme poems (Poetry Library digital archive)

Simon Taylor’s Photos set 1

Simon Taylor’s Photos set 2

Simon Taylor’s Photos set 3

New Joy As Tiresome Vandalism

Absolute Elsewhere, the latest collaboration between writer James Davies and photographer Simon Taylor continues to unfold with this month’s instalment, a photograph by Simon. See the latest and catch up with the project so far here.

New Joy As Tiresome Vandalism

More from Absolute Elsewhere, James Davies’ and Simon Taylor’s collaborative text and image project. December’s instalment is a poem from James.

More here.

New Joy As Tiresome Vandalism

More from Simon Taylor and The Other Room’s James Davies year long collaborative text and image project, this month’s instalment being a poem from James. View the whole project so far here.


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