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James Davies – Two Fat Boys


Out now from Knives, Forks and Spoons Press

New reviews at Stride

Five or six new reviews at the ever growing Stride magazine including James Davies on Scott Thurston’s great new pamphlet Figure Detached, Figure Impermanent and Steve Spence on Chrissy Williams’ Epigraphs

Two new Red Ceilings

See The Red Ceilings site for more.

Chrissy Williams Epigraphs out from if p then q


A new and fantastic title from if p then q by last year’s The Other Room performer Chrissy Williams. Epigraphs is a pamphlet of well, epigraphs. To find out more there’s a sample up on the if p then q website as well as details of how to purchase.


Shearsman reading: Perril and Silliman

The third event in Shearsman’s 2014 Reading Series takes place on Tuesday, 4 March at 7:30 pm and features Simon Perril and Ron Silliman. Both readers will be launching books on the evening, with Simon Perril launching Archilochus on the Moon and Ron Silliman launching Northern Soul. Swedenborg Hall, Swedenborg House, 20/21 Bloomsbury Way, London WC1A 2TH.

zimZalla 021: Minimus Post Ode Poem

Shadowtrain 41

Shadowtrain Carriage 41:

  • Tim Allen
  • Lucy Burnett
  • Nathalie Crick
  • Bridget Khursheed
  • Carole Coates
  • Matt Bryden
  • Kevin Graham
  • Audrey Reynolds
  • Libby Hart
  • Nathan Thompson



New work from Rhys Trimble up now at M58.

Endless / Nameless ~ Rachel Sills & Richard Barrett

The gingerbread silhouette of my father
Is absent today I’m perspiring
Or you could say shimmering over a coastline
In a row pegged-out, colour coded
Three weeks’ worth of hearts
A Freudian couch with sponge cake perhaps?
An arrow, a narrowboat, arrowroot blot
A stair-lift stops, temperamentally
I decline to use the honesty box
But am generous for life-guards
On a good day, only on a good day
A magazine before dinner before, later, the paper
The evening smell of tobacco
‘Papa?’  I hear; to which I answer ‘yes, Nicole?’

More at The Red Ceilings.

New from Crater Press

Crater Press is pleased to announce a Crater pamphlet by Buffalo letterpress buffalo Richard Owens; nine stanzas of ‘Turncoat’ in an attractive articulated broad-but-thin-side arrangement. Anyone who knows Richard Owens will suspect that this will be the real deal and it is the real deal. Two colour; different modes; handprinted, unusual folding, 36 lines of A* poetry.

12 or 20 (small press) questions with Nikolai Duffy on Like This Press

I’ve “…been really interested in the physicality of books and book production for a while, an interest that was piqued in particular when I visited the Tyopgraphy Museum in London several years ago. I think it’s more established now but it was an old, ramshackle place then, hard to find, largely unorganised, with boxes of type lying out on every surface. It was a place in which to lose yourself.” Nikolai Duffy talks about Like This Press on Rob Mclennan’s blog.

Stephen Emmerson: from Letters to Verlaine

New work by Other Room reader Stephen Emmerson at James Cummins’ Return to Default.

Like This Press: Two New Collaborative Books in Boxes

The latest publications from Like This Press are two new collaborations by SJ Fowler with Ben Morris and David Kelly, the Estates of Westeros and Gilles de Rais. Each box contains 34 loose-leafed A5 postcards, blending text and image.

The Estates of Westeros is where avant garde poetry meets avant garde illustration. Whether perception or reality, housing estates are environments of occlusion, claustrophobia and damage, and poetry about them has a responsibility to reflect this complexity and intensity in its tone and form. The Estates of Westeros is a meditation on this living space through the universe of George RR Martin’s Game of Thrones, and where Gilles de Rais explores the absurdity of mythmaking in that which once was real, the Estates … explores the grinding realism at the heart of the fantastical.

In Gilles de Rais – an interchangeable narrative reflection on the life and legend of Gilles de Rais – this fusion of avant garde poetry and modernist line drawing aims to satirise and subvert the manner in which the monstrous myth surrounding such de Rais is echoed in our own time by Jimmy Saville. This is the disjunctive folklore of idiot’s resounding through the ages, from 15th century France to 21st century Britain.

Both books can be purchased for £9 direct from Like This Press:

Special offer: buy the Estates of Westeros with Gilles de Rais together for £15 from here:

the Estates of Westeros and Gilles de Rais launched as part of the Enemies of the North project on 30 March, at the Cornerhouse, Manchester. Both books will feature also in the group exhibition,Synesthesia, organised by Leap into the Void & held at Darnley Gallery, in Hackney, London, 12-19 April. For more information, see:

SJ Fowler is a poet living in London. He’s published four collections of poetry including Fights (Veer books) and Minimum Security Prison Dentistry (AAA press), and has collections forthcoming from Penned in the Margins and Eggbox publishing. He has been commissioned by the Tate, the London Sinfonietta and Mercy and has read and exhibited across Europe. He curates the Enemies project, supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation, and Maintenant, a series of reading and interviews focusing on contemporary European poetics and collaboration. He is currently undertaking a Phd at the Contemporary Poetics Research Centre, Birkbeck College and is an employee of the British Museum. / / /

David Kelly is an artist working in the modernist tradition, currently with a centre of interest in collage. He has collaborated with and ‘visually translated’ numerous writers and poets including David Berridge, Daniele Pantano and SJ Fowler. His collaborative works have been exhibited at The Saison Poetry Library, The Horse Hospital, My Pixxa and Rich Mix. He received a degree from the University of Leeds School of Fine Art, History of Art & Cultural Studies in 2007 and is now an employee of the British Museum.

Ben Morris is a London based experimental musician and artist. He has been active in the UK underground music scene since 2005 and is best known as 1 half of Chora, which he formed with Robert Lye in Sheffield. He has gigged and toured extensively throughout Europe receiving critical praise in The Wire magazine, on webzines such as The Quietus, Dusted and Foxy Digitalis and on radio stations like WFMU (America), VPRO (Holland) and BBC radio 3. Chora have a large multi-format back catalogue on labels like ChocolateMonk, Singing Knives Records and Winebox Press. He has played gigs with Sonic Youth, Wolf Eyes and Psychic TV as well as shows at Colour Out Of Space Festival, the ICA and at the Liverpool Biennial. He has received commissions from Mercy for collaborative sound performances with Steven Fowler. Other musical projects include: Le Drapeau Noir, Akke Phallus Duo and he records/performs solo as Lost Wax…

Veer Books – Martin Bakero and Doug Jones

Friday 15 March 2013, 7:30-9:00pm, Keynes Library, Birkbeck College, School of Arts building, 43 Gordon Square, London, WC1H 0PD.
Martin Bakero and Doug Jones will read from their new Veer books at Birkbeck College. books

Iona by Andy Martrich

Quince Eastwood: proud Iona alum, a man still drawn to that small Catholic college in New Rochelle. He’s looking for love in all the wrong places, and tracking info down via the absolute worst subforum. And how could he not? Iona’s a place where no one’s safe from transmutation, from instantly viral dipshittery.

Iona’s got its fair share of secrets, and plenty of embarrassing truths. Jeffrey McNition’s about to find himself subject to both. Oanez Nasdaq thinks academia is her ticket out of this mess— but there’s plenty of hard work ahead. She has to finish her PhD; she has to teach. Dr. Avery Moore is a psychiatrist who really wants to know Quince, and wants to know he can’t hurt her. The poor doctor’s about to learn how wrong she can be. So is Oanez, standing beside that green Honda Jazz one second longer than she should have.
Need any more? Dr. Steve Billings? Who’s Hopson — does he actually exist? What’s Steve into?

It’s not worth proving. Goodbye, goodbye, Starbucks.

More at BlazeVox.


Alternative Anniversaries – Leanne Bridgewater

zimZalla object 018 is Alternative Anniversaries by Leanne Bridgewater, a set of 10 greetings cards. These cards will help you to mark Get Fat Day, congratulate a friend on their accent change or simply ask them what the goose they are glugging. Available now at the zimZalla site.

equipollence – Drew Milne


Available now from The Song Cave.


Shouts from OK Glamour – Ryan Dobran

Shouts constellates the brevity of the epigraph, gloss, commentary, aphorism, and slogan, and turns them into quasi-narrative modules: bildungsroman, pedantic jakes, and allusive debris. More at Barque Press.

Andrew Taylor: Radio Mast Horizon

This collection, the author’s first full-length book, gathers poems written over the past decade. The poems, some gathered from previous pamphlets, are concerned with place, love, identity and mortality. Nature is never far away and neither are the watchful eyes of the cities of Liverpool and New York, their tidal rivers and connections.

Radio Mast Horizon travels well. Read it on the train, in a hotel room, at the bus stop sheltering from the rain. Andrew Taylor’s absorbing, tender poems see clearly. By turns playful and moving, tender and taut, they make absence tangible. A generous collection that still leaves you, in the best sense, hungry for more. —Cliff Yates

Andrew Taylor is a poet who engages with the world—in all its affects and aspects—and says what he sees with both compassion and wry wit. These poems have a linguistic clarity and invention and observational flair which open us, his readers, into a series of vital encounters with the here and now. Taylor shows us where we live too. —Patricia Farrell

With a voice fresh and responsive, these poems’ chiselled lyricism is firmly located in terms of time and space (and often place). They speak to us from those locations, about love, about absence, about abundance. Their moods shift from the elegiac to the ecstatic and we move with them as we read. Everything is in them, it seems. Including us. At last Taylor’s impressive oeuvre is amassed for the audience it deserves: that’s us too. —Robert Sheppard.

More at the Shearsman site.

Eye Jar by Stephen Nelson

New e-book from The Red Ceilings press.


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