The Tower of Babel

New from Like This Press, The Tower of Babel comprises a set of 24 original postcards and an essay, both by Rupert Loydell, together with an anthology of Babel poems, featuring: Philip Terry, Sheila E Murphy, Andy Brown, rob mclennan, A.C. Evans, H.L. Hix, Angela Topping, Paul Sutton, Peter Dent, Camille Martin, Ian Seed, David H.W. Grubb, Seren Adams, Andrea Moorhead, Jane Routh, John Mingay, Luke Kennard, Steven Waling, Alan Halsey, Peter Gillies, Bill O’Brien, Mike Ferguson, David Hart, Martin Stannard, Rupert M. Loydell, Mark Goodwin, Natasha Loydell, Ira Lightman. Each box is hand-stamped and lined with black tissue paper.


David Berridge: Turf

Out now from Nikolai Duffy’s Like This press, TURF explores relations of poets and natural history, both in the field and amongst books. Three handbooks – A Pedagogy of Grasses, Understanding Glaciers, and Bird Song for Dogs – provide basic orientation and identification skills, whilst notebooks and memos offer histories of Anglo-American poetry in which the geographer Carl Sauer and botanists Agnes Arber and Edgar Anderson are fellow travelers with poets including Charles Olson, Jonathan Williams and Lorine Niedecker. Throughout, Dürer’s image of The Great Turf is found-icon for this book-in-a-box chorale “Of [SODS] of [SODS] [SODS].”

Each box is hand-stamped and comprises three A5 pamphlets, one A6 essay and one A6 series of notes, together with a postcard of Albrecht Dürer’s 1503 drawing, ‘Great Turf.’ Each item is hand-torn and hand-torn and printed on heavyweight vellum-laid cream paper; each individual cover is hand-stamped.

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hand-bound, with hand-torn pages and hand-printed covers

card backs and paper


September 2012

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David Berridge is a writer based in London. He curates VerySmallKitchen ( and was recently writer in residence at X Marks the Bökship, where he researched the use of scripts and scenography in contemporary art writing. He is the author of Lemonade (LemonMelon), P.Z.T.C (Knives Forks and Spoons Press), BLACK GARDENS (The Red Ceilings Press) and The Moth is Moth This Money Night Moth (Knives Forks and Spoons Press).

Click here to watch an interview with David by The Other Room.

Based in Manchester, Like This is an independent press committed to publishing high quality and beautifully designed books that do things just a little bit differently. Currently we specialise in publishing handmade pamphlets and limited edition books-in-boxes. More information about the press can be found here.

Like This Press

David R. Morgan

4 pamphlets in one box
11 colour postcards

text and image
card covers, paper
July 2012

printed in an edition of 30 hand-printed and numbered collector’s edition wooden boxes and 500 hand-printed cardboard boxes

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Like This Press

Another new Manchester based press. This time Like This Press

Like This is a new and independent press based in Manchester committed to publishing high quality and beautifully designed books that do things just a little bit differently.
We are particularly interested in poetry, prose poetry, fragments, stories (the more curious the better), interviews, essays, and books as objects. There is an editorial leaning towards experimental traditions. We want work that is formally unusual, questioning, unexpected, and challenging; work that is interested in thinking about the hows and whys of literary practice, the place of books in the world, the relationship between writing and living, art and life, between literature, art, philosophy, religion, science, history, medicine. We especially like work that blends innovation with accessibility and wonder.