Poetry / Music: Cambridge – Friday 24th Feb

+ There will be readings from Justin Katko and Out To Lunch (Ben Watson), as well as music from the duo of Dominic Lash & David Stent (double bass + guitar) and the electronic trio Drachmae Lucky Strength. Books & CDs will be available.
Friday 24 February, 7.30pm. Judith E Wilson Drama Studio, Faculty of English, 9 West Road, Cambridge.

Friends magazine

Can be bought for $10 / €5 / £4 at http://plantarchy.us/friends2.html and features:

* End-paper collages by Stuart Calton
* Sean Bonney’s “Letter on Poetics (After Rimbaud)”
* 7 poems by Michael Cannon
* A selection from “Recovery” by Ulli Freer
* 3 poems by Fabian Macpherson
* A play by Emma Hogan
* A poem by Will Stuart
* 2 poems by Caitlin Doherty
* 3 poems by Joshua Strauss
* 2 poems by Nat Raha
* A poem by Mahmoud Elbarasi
* A poem by Tom Raworth
* 3 notebooks poems by Tom Leonard
* A poem by Ollie Evans
* A poem by Ian Heames
* A selection from “Sourdough Mutation” by Peter Manson
* A selection from a sonnet sequence by Richard Parker
* A poem from Drew Milne’s sequence of architectural poems
* 2 poems by Colin Herd
* A selection from “Truffles grafts ducks” by Henri Deluy (trans. Jacqueline Kari)
* 2 poems by Lucy Sheerman
* A poem by Matia Szeghy
* 3 poems by Peter Morelli
* 3 poems by Keith Tuma
* A story by Jonathan Redhorse
* 3 poems by Rachel Warriner
* 4 poems by Ed Luker
* A selection from “Shouts From OK Glamour” by Ryan Dobran
* 2 poems by Tessa Whitehouse
* A selection from “Punk Faun” by Redell Olsen
* 4 poems by Matthew Klane
* 3 poems by Stephen Emmerson
* A poem by James Staniforth
* A poem by Posie Rider
* 4 poems by Sarah Kelly
* A selection from “FLASH BANG” by James Cummins
* 3 poems by Steve Willey
* A poem by Rosa van Hensbergen
* A poem by Neil Pattison
* A poem by Josh Stanley
* 7 poems by Will Rowe
* 3 poems by Jeremy Hardingham
* A review of Ian Heames’ Gloss To Carriers by Louis Jagger

Anything Anymore Anywhere 3

Action packed third issue starring:

Francis Crot, nick-e melville, Justin Katko, Posie Rider, Jacq Kelly, Iain Morrison, jim ferguson, Tony Leuzzi, Michael Farrell, Richard Barrett, J L Williams, S J Fowler, RODNEY RELAX, Rosa van Hensbergen, Thomas Moore, Pete McConville, Richie McCaffery and Greg Thomas