Sneck Stairs

Wednesday 12th March 2014 at 7:30pm, Quad South Hall, York St John University. A performance featuring two upcoming Other Room readers Nathan Walker and Emma Bennett. Three Radio Plays with visuals – phonic disturbances – speaking quickly and slow – circling round – superimposing and sitting things next to – handing things down and handling things over – aligning shirts – snecking and videos of pictures. More here.


Mopher, where performance, art, writing, poetry, voice, concept and sound meet to wither and perish in order to rise again as something else, more than the sum of its parts. Mopha is a singular art performance / live poetry collective made up of six of the UK’s most accomplished artists / poets – Holly Pester, Patrick Coyle, Emma Bennett, SJ Fowler, James Wilkes and Tamarin Norwood.

Eschewing and mulching the multiple genres of live art and experimental writing, Moffa will premiere it’s work in 2014 at multiple venues in multiple forms.

Exploring notions of fractured speech, aberrant theatre, surreal vocality, performativity and audience expectation, improvisation and its tropes, compressed communication, humour and bleak irony, Moffer aims to create powerful immediate, arresting and unique works of performance that are mindful, and responsive, to their construction and contextual environment. Wholly collaborative and essentially collective, the works of Moffar will pool and mutate the already adept live practices of six powerful performers into a uncommon mesh of theatre, art and poetry.


Enemies of the South films

Films from the 27th April event at the Arnolfini gallery in Bristol, including this by Emma Bennett and Holly Pester.

Holl Pester and Emma Bennett
Marcus Slease and Jeff Hilson
Patrick Coyle and SJ Fowler
Claire Potter and Daniel Rourke
James Wilkes and David Berridge
Tim Atkins and Mark Waldron
Chris McCabe and Tom Jenks, with Sophie Herxheimer