[ 25-10-2009 ] Stuart Calton, James Davies, Tony Trehy

Today has been The Other Room at Oxjam. James Davies. Tony Trehy and Stuart Calton. Have heard each of those read before. The format, today, was different to usual Other Rooms: the readers only read once and they only had about quarter of an hour each.

The poems Davies read were made up of unexpected juxtaposition and both high and low brow references. There was a lot of humour in his work. He seemed to be all about negotiating a pathway through the modern world.

Trehys reading. Other than a brief extract from 50 Heads his reading came from his yet to be published new work concerning itself with, as he told us, space (unfortunately I can’t remember the title of the book, but that info is bound to be available on Trehy’s blog. Go and have a look). His language was that of the scientist and specialist. Was serious and intense, but…i loved it. The last piece he read was about how death can effect perceptions of space. Was very good; that, due to both how moving and – I guess – philosophical it was: contained some pretty deep ideas…ones which had certainly never occurred to me, anyway.

Last up was Calton. Now, I love that bloke’s work. Heard him at, I think, t o r 3. Hadn’t previously known anything about him, but was knocked out by him that night. Was great again this afternoon. He read a long section from his soon to be published Three Reveries and part of his section from The Other Room anthology. Calton’s main concern is addressing the inequities of the economic basis of society. He is energetic, passionate and committed.


I’m looking forward, very much, to the new book.

Richard Barrett – Yawn

[Note: Tony Trehy’s new book is Space: The Soldier Who Died For Perspective and will be published by Veer in November 2009.]

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