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Otoliths 32

Southern summer 2014 issue, with work from Jennie Cole, Michael D. Goscinski, Howie Good, Kyle Hemmings,  Eric Hoffman, Raymond Farr, Jim Meirose, John M. Bennett, Craig Cotter, Philip Byron Oakes, Jack Galmitz, A. J. Huffman, Reed Altemus, Anne-Marie JEANJEAN, Paul Summers, Philip Terry & Tom Jenks, Miro Sandev, Lee Slonimsky, Joshua Comyn, Zachary Scott Hamilton., SS Prasad, Michael Berton, Marthe Reed, Nicola Griffin, Owen Bullock, John Martone, Louise Landes Levi, Kate Tough, Alex Stolis, Elizabeth Allen, Bobbi Lurie, Cecelia Chapman, Demosthenes Agrafiotis, Catherine Vidler, H. Mark Webster, Adam Fieled, Joel Chace, Carol Stetser, dan raphael, Corey Wakeling, Taylor Reid, Johannes Bjerg, Mariapia Fanna Roncoroni, sean burn, Felino A. Soriano, Leigh Herrick, John Pursch, Mark Cunningham, Tony Beyer, Vernon Frazer, J. D. Nelson, Richard Kostelanetz, Lakey Comess, Andrew Brenza, Jeff Harrison, Darrell Petska, Marc Thompson, Spencer Selby, Katrinka Moore, Michael Brandonisio, Eryk Wenziak & Amy Gentile, Branko Gulin, Bogdan Puslenghea, Caleb Puckett, Bob Heman, Marty Hiatt, Gene Flenady, Tim Wright, Collin Schuster, bruno neiva, Geraldine Burrowes, Dylan Kinnett, & Aditya Bahl.

Otoliths issue 28

Out now.

Otoliths issue 25

Out now on the Otoliths site, including Other Room reader SJ Fowler.

New from VerySmallKitchen

The latest VSK Chapbook is LEAVES by SJ Fowler.  Read more here. You can also find a new visual collage sequence by SJ Fowler at otoliths.

Otoliths 24

Out now.

Otoliths 23

Issue 23 of Otoliths is out now, featuring a wide range of writers, including recent Other Room reader SJ Fowler.

Otoliths – new issue

Issue 22 of Otoliths is out now, including poems from Mark Cobley, Grzegorz Wróblewski and Other Room reader Lisa Samuels.

Otoliths issue 20

New work from a whole lot of writers, including SJ Fowler, nick-e melville, Anatol Knotek and Stephen Nelson, whose work will be featured in this year’s Bury Text Festival.

Read it here

nick-e melville – selections and dissections

The first release of the year from the book publishing arm of Otoliths is a collection from Scottish concrete & visual poet, nick-e melville.

What nick-e melville creates within selections and dissections is text as experience, presenting us with different ways to look at visual language, different ways to understand the ubiquitous textscapes of daily living. The pages of this book are filled with games, but games of the most serious kind, games about the act of being sentient textual beings. Melville, a textual imagineer, examines the spaces between letters, the negative spaces between lines of text, and even the halftone atoms of printing, always looking for the surprise in the printed text. To read this book is to experience these acts of textual imagination as cinema, as vibrant and moving sequences of thought.Geof Huth

Check out a sample here and the Otoliths project – a magazine as well as a publisher – here.


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