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Caesura #18

Friday, 8th November, 19:00.

Artisan Bar. 35 London Rd, Edinburgh,  EH7 5BQ.

THIS MONTH we’ve got a radical writer and mixed-media artist who champions all things good, an incredible local poet and occasional performance artist, an avant-guard writer venturing through from the wild west and a local, by of Calfornia, innovative poet.

That is: Sandra Alland, Iain Morrison, Karen Veitch and James Leveque

WHAT IS IT? Bespoke spoken word performances at Edinburgh’s monthly night of racketeers and raconteurs, experiments and experience, synapses and sounds. Avante-jive for the masses.


Sandra Alland is a writer, filmmaker, performer and interdisciplinary artist. Her work has been published and presented throughout the UK, North America and Europe. Sandra’s poetic love-affair with voice-activated software and disability poetics, Naturally Speaking, was published in 2012 by Toronto’s espresso Books. In 2009, Edinburgh’s Forest Publications published Sandra’s chapbook of short fiction, Here’s To Wang, which quickly went into a second printing. Sandra has published widely, including two other books of poetry: Blissful Times (BookThug, Toronto); and Proof of a Tongue (McGilligan, Toronto). She was guest editor at Jacket2 for a special edition on Scottish poets in 2012.


Iain Morrison serially lost kitten slipper and voguer, Dickinsonian Mirror’s son, who despite veering all over the shop, remains interested loyally in sound structures and overlays in support/distort of meaning structure; expresses this in poems at present. Hoping to present new poem sequence at Caesura. At time of writ, proven in clinical trials to be enjoying whatever was happening way too much.


Karen Veitch grew up in Glasgow, where she currently resides. In 2013 she completed her doctorate studies at the University of Sussex in political and working-class women’s poetry of the Depression Era United States. She has translated Spanish poetry (such as by Pedro Salinas) into English and her work has been published in Comparative American Studies and SCREE.


James Leveque was born in Los Angeles, California, and grew up on Fresno, California. He has lived in Edinburgh since 2009. He is completing a PhD in literature and works as a tutor. His poetry has appeared in SCREE and the San Joaquin Review.

Anything Anymore Anywhere 3

Action packed third issue starring:

Francis Crot, nick-e melville, Justin Katko, Posie Rider, Jacq Kelly, Iain Morrison, jim ferguson, Tony Leuzzi, Michael Farrell, Richard Barrett, J L Williams, S J Fowler, RODNEY RELAX, Rosa van Hensbergen, Thomas Moore, Pete McConville, Richie McCaffery and Greg Thomas




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