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SCREE 5 launch


visual poetry Vs text art
an exhibition match

Fri 7th Oct, 6.30-9, Patriothall Gallery, Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Featuring text works by nick-e melville, Gerry Smith, Dorothy Alexander, Greg Thomas, Shandra Lamaute, Lisa Temple-Cox, Becky Campbell and Alexa Hare.

Anything Anymore Anywhere 3

Action packed third issue starring:

Francis Crot, nick-e melville, Justin Katko, Posie Rider, Jacq Kelly, Iain Morrison, jim ferguson, Tony Leuzzi, Michael Farrell, Richard Barrett, J L Williams, S J Fowler, RODNEY RELAX, Rosa van Hensbergen, Thomas Moore, Pete McConville, Richie McCaffery and Greg Thomas




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