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Gareth Twose – a preview

The next Other Room takes place on August 13th at The Castle in Manchester and starts at 7pm: see the middle panel for more. Readers are Gareth Twose, Alison Gibb and M J Weller.

Here’s a preview – part nine of his sequence Top Ten Tyres Ltd published by Red Ceilings Press

Did prehistoric man have bone-music discos?
Saturday night femur? The funk-fracturing
of tibia and fibula in the caves of mutually
assured destruction, musical marathons
alternating blisters and bliss in the hard minutes
that follow the clinical cosh. The ear-y discharge
of erotic heat always with a potential for disaster.
Vital that the patient keeps the leg elevated
and doesn’t let it dangle, grinding down
the debts, low and slow, with iceflame austerity.

Clive and Robin Fencott video at The Other Room July 2014

The Other Room presents The Other Room – today in Sheffield


More details HERE

James Davies – Two Fat Boys


Out now from Knives, Forks and Spoons Press

Holly Pester – Bark Leather book review

Holly Pester, Bark Leather, Veer, £5

Holly Pester’s poetry is somewhere in the tradition of Edward Lear, Gertrude Stein, Harold Pinter, Monty Pynthon and Holly Pester.  If you’ve seen Holly Pester leather her poems you can hear her bark in lots of Holly Pester.

This book, from Veer, by Holly Pester, Bark Leather, has a cover image of, what else, but a leather-tree, barking out the word, or sound, ‘leather’ with an all scrunched up face. Bark and leather are of course almost the same things. Read any online dictionary and you will see that both come from the trees since you can peel them both off. And of course cow is as dog is: three letters long, ‘o’ in position 2 and ‘c’ comes before ‘d’. Keep thinking.

The opening poem, Digg Beff, is enough for the purposes of this review to demonstrate how good this collection had on me. If you are ready to join in then bark out loudly and quickly ‘Dig Beff, Dug Bet, Duck Break, dark bed, dit belly, drag bull. Point and flak.’


until they sort of deteriorate and sort of come back up into sight again.

If you look up these string of words quoted from Digg Beff on Wikipedia or even Yahoo Answers you will find that they form an etymological chain spanning the Vikings (Dig Beff) to The Superbowl (drag bull). If you enter them into search engines such as Youtube, where glitching is strictly forbidden, it berates you when it says: ‘An error has occurred, please try again later.’ This makes you feel some bit good ‘cause the world again has fissures.

Bark Leather contains super 8 poems which will made you laugh and will made you cry. The poems are perfect for writing aloud with your friend and include tongue twisters, homophonic plumbing and oven seal shanties.

Talk proper Holly. Twice nightly. Barking.

Jade Massive

if p then q reviews round up

if p then q books operate in an interesting corner of the poetry publishing spectrum, embracing a range of experimental and ‘sound-based’ writers of differing persuasions and distinctions.

Steve Spence reviews books by David Berridge, Geof Huth, Derek Henderson, Tim Atkins, Holly Pester and P. Inman

Read more HERE

Agnes Lehoczky: a preview

Ágnes Lehóczky will perform at the next Other Room on Wednesday, 4th June at The Castle Hotel, 66 Oldham Street, Manchester, M4 1LE. 7 PM start, with Allen Fisher, Leanne Bridgewater and David Miller. Free entry. The film above shows Agnes at Poetry Parnassus in 2012. See also poems in Blackbox Manifold and details of her books published by Shearsman and Egg Box.


Ágnes Lehóczky is an Hungarian poet, scholar and translator originally from Budapest. She has two short poetry collections in Hungarian, Station X (2000) and Medallion (2002), published by Universitas, Hungary. Her first full collection in English, Budapest to Babel, was published in 2008 and her second collection, Rememberer, in 2012 by Egg Box Publishing. She was the winner of the Arthur Welton Poetry Award 2010 and the inaugural winner of the Jane Martin Prize for Poetry at Girton College, Cambridge in 2011. She was Hungary’s representative poet for Poetry Parnassus at Southbank Centre during London’s Cultural Olympiad in Summer 2012. Her collection of essays on the poetry of Ágnes Nemes Nagy, Poetry: the Geometry of Living Substance, was published in 2011 by Cambridge Scholars. Her latest collection of poems Carillonneur was published by Shearsman Books in April 2014.

Allen Fisher: a preview

Allen Fisher will perform at the next Other Room on Wednesday, 4th June at The Castle Hotel, 66 Oldham Street, Manchester, M4 1LE. 7 PM start, with Leanne Bridgewater, Agnes Lehoczky and David Miller. Free entry. This film shows Allen performing a collaborative piece with Philip Terry at the third Camarade event in 2012. See Allen’s website for more.


Allen Fisher is a poet and painter, art historian and publisher. He has authored 150 publications of poetry, graphic work and commentary. He edits Spanner and co-edits Aloes Books. He worked with Fluxus peformance art in the 1970s. His visual work is held at the Tate Collection, King’s College London and Living Museum Iceland, as well as in many private collections.

Reality Street live in London

This Sunday, 25 May, Carol Watts, Jeff Hilson and Ken Edwards will be reading from their recent work in the Poetry at The Room series, introduced by Anthony Howell.

33 Holcombe Road, London N17 9AS.
£7 admission charge includes refreshments.

Leanne Bridgewater: a preview

Leanne Bridgewater will perform at the next Other Room on Wednesday, 4th June at The Castle Hotel, 66 Oldham Street, Manchester, M4 1LE. 7 PM start, with Allen Fisher, Agnes Lehoczky and David Miller. Free entry. The film above shows Leanne at Words V Music #2 in 2013. See also her Homophone Translations at Beard of Bees, some visual pieces at Depart and M58, and her Alternative Anniversaries greetings cards at zimZalla.


Leanne Bridgewater is a poet who writes and draws, then draws upon subjects (mostly environmental). She enjoys indulging in language poetry and experimentation. Her latest works are Sentience: a three-thousand word sentence (Stoma Press), Three tales of Dysgeographia (self-published), The Homophone Translator: a project on homophonic translation (Beard of Bees, 2013) and an alternative series of greeting cards (zimZalla avant objects). She is currently working on a project involving random number generation, along with preparing a new collection of poetry.

The Other Room goes to Sheffield


The Other Room this time in Sheffield as part of The Misummer Poetry Festival. Click on the poster to enlarge. Not to be missed.

The Other Room Presents The Other Room

Tom Jenks, James Davies and Scott Thurston reading together as The Other Room
Sunday 15th June, 3:30pm

Here is some information on the event:

The Other Room is a long running poetry night based in Manchester which focuses on experimental poetry. Over the last six years it has presented a diverse range of performers of national and international repute as well as showcasing vital emerging talent. It also boasts an amazing website of resources including regular news about poetry from around the globe as well as hosting a belt bursting archive of recordings and interviews. In this event The Other Room’s three organisers ­– James Davies, Tom Jenks and Scott Thurston – perform their work together for the first time. This unique event is a fantastic opportunity to get a taste of The Other Room.

Other events at the festival include Alan Halsey, Juxtavoices, Ágnes Lehóczky and Harriet Tarlo. See more HERE.

New reviews at Stride

Five or six new reviews at the ever growing Stride magazine including James Davies on Scott Thurston’s great new pamphlet Figure Detached, Figure Impermanent and Steve Spence on Chrissy Williams’ Epigraphs

Chrissy Williams Epigraphs out from if p then q


A new and fantastic title from if p then q by last year’s The Other Room performer Chrissy Williams. Epigraphs is a pamphlet of well, epigraphs. To find out more there’s a sample up on the if p then q website as well as details of how to purchase.


Peter Jaeger PENN Sound Page

Other Room reader Peter Jaeger now has a PENN Sound page – HERE

Rachel Smith: a preview

In a change to our previously advertised programme, Rachel Smith will perform at the next Other Room on Wednesday, 4th December at The Castle Hotel, 66 Oldham Street, Manchester, M4 1LE, 7 PM start, free entry. The other readers are Sandeep Parmar and Robert Sheppard.


Rachel Smith is an artist engaged in durational drawing processes, text art and guerrilla writing. Her artist’s statement is as follows:

“writing: reading–language–speaking :drawing

My practice involves predetermined algorithmic methodologies; generative constraints. These processes embrace the limit and freedom of restriction. The durational aspect of my artwork implies endurance and the processes are habitual, obsessive and repetitive.

Drawn lines delineate materiality, bodily presence and temporality.

The white noise din of information drive a drawing practice where the artist acts as a conduit, filtering language and re-presenting it. Readable narratives are often disrupted, creating non-communication, where intuition is used as a set of random number generators and mathematically sequenced illegibility questions our logic.

Despite never deviating from the procedural process, once it is set in motion, the visual form remains key as a document of the time spent.”

Some links:

Rachel’s blog

Craig Dworkin back in the archive

This went offline for a while, but is now playable again: Craig Dworkin’s remote reading in December 2009.

Robert Sheppard: a preview

Robert Sheppard will read at the next Other Room on Wednesday, 4th December 2013, 7 PM start. Entry free at The Castle Hotel, 66 Oldham Street, Manchester, M4 1LE. The other readers will be Sandeep Parmar and Gareth Twose. The clip above shows Robert reading with Patricia Farrell at the Other Room celebration of Bob Cobbing in October 2012, performing Blatant blather/virulent whoops.


Robert Sheppard invented René Van Valckenborch, though sometimes during the writing of the poems in A Translated Man it felt like the other way round. The poems are safely published in a book of that title, published by Shearsman in 2013. Shearsman also published Warrant Error and Berlin Bursts, poems, as well a critical work When Bad Times Made for Good Poetry. Knives Forks and Spoons have published his prose, both fiction, The Only Life and The Given, an ‘autrebiography’, and they will be bringing out an expanded version of the latter in 2014. Robert has recently collaborated with the painter Pete Clarke and the dancer Jo Blowers (after a near 20 year break). He teaches at Edge Hill University.

Some links:

Pages, a blogzine of investigative, exploratory, avant-garde, innovative poetry and poetics.
Robert’s own website.
A Translated Man at Shearsman.

Scott Thurston and Tom Jenks at The Other Room

More films from our special event to launch the Dark Would anthology in Manchester, October 2013.

Scott Thurston reads Jackson Mac Low

Tom Jenks reads Georges Perec.

Gareth Twose: a preview

Gareth Twose will read at the next Other Room, on Wednesday 4th December, The Castle Hotel, 66 Oldham Street, Manchester, M4 1LE. 7 PM start. The other readers are Robert Sheppard and Sandeep Parmar. The clip above shows Gareth reading at the launch of Top Ten Tyres in August 2013.  Preview of Robert Sheppard to follow.


Gareth Twose is organiser of the Writers Forum North and one of the organisers of the Peter Barlow’s Cigarette series of Manchester based poetry readings.  In 2012, he co-organised the Manchester Poets for Pussy Riot event at the Lass O’Gowrie.  Recent work has appeared in publications including 3 am, Depart, Litter, Sunfish, Assent and Ink, Sweat & Tears.  His debut collection, Top Ten Tyres, was recently published by Red Ceilings Press.

Some links:

Poems in 3 AM Magazine.
Poems in Depart.

Carolyn Thompson at The Other Room

Carolyn Thompson at The Other Room’s Manchester launch of The Dark Would.


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