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Chrissy Williams Epigraphs out from if p then q


A new and fantastic title from if p then q by last year’s The Other Room performer Chrissy Williams. Epigraphs is a pamphlet of well, epigraphs. To find out more there’s a sample up on the if p then q website as well as details of how to purchase.


Peter Jaeger PENN Sound Page

Other Room reader Peter Jaeger now has a PENN Sound page – HERE

Rachel Smith: a preview

In a change to our previously advertised programme, Rachel Smith will perform at the next Other Room on Wednesday, 4th December at The Castle Hotel, 66 Oldham Street, Manchester, M4 1LE, 7 PM start, free entry. The other readers are Sandeep Parmar and Robert Sheppard.


Rachel Smith is an artist engaged in durational drawing processes, text art and guerrilla writing. Her artist’s statement is as follows:

“writing: reading–language–speaking :drawing

My practice involves predetermined algorithmic methodologies; generative constraints. These processes embrace the limit and freedom of restriction. The durational aspect of my artwork implies endurance and the processes are habitual, obsessive and repetitive.

Drawn lines delineate materiality, bodily presence and temporality.

The white noise din of information drive a drawing practice where the artist acts as a conduit, filtering language and re-presenting it. Readable narratives are often disrupted, creating non-communication, where intuition is used as a set of random number generators and mathematically sequenced illegibility questions our logic.

Despite never deviating from the procedural process, once it is set in motion, the visual form remains key as a document of the time spent.”

Some links:

Rachel’s blog

Craig Dworkin back in the archive

This went offline for a while, but is now playable again: Craig Dworkin’s remote reading in December 2009.

Robert Sheppard: a preview

Robert Sheppard will read at the next Other Room on Wednesday, 4th December 2013, 7 PM start. Entry free at The Castle Hotel, 66 Oldham Street, Manchester, M4 1LE. The other readers will be Sandeep Parmar and Gareth Twose. The clip above shows Robert reading with Patricia Farrell at the Other Room celebration of Bob Cobbing in October 2012, performing Blatant blather/virulent whoops.


Robert Sheppard invented René Van Valckenborch, though sometimes during the writing of the poems in A Translated Man it felt like the other way round. The poems are safely published in a book of that title, published by Shearsman in 2013. Shearsman also published Warrant Error and Berlin Bursts, poems, as well a critical work When Bad Times Made for Good Poetry. Knives Forks and Spoons have published his prose, both fiction, The Only Life and The Given, an ‘autrebiography’, and they will be bringing out an expanded version of the latter in 2014. Robert has recently collaborated with the painter Pete Clarke and the dancer Jo Blowers (after a near 20 year break). He teaches at Edge Hill University.

Some links:

Pages, a blogzine of investigative, exploratory, avant-garde, innovative poetry and poetics.
Robert’s own website.
A Translated Man at Shearsman.

Scott Thurston and Tom Jenks at The Other Room

More films from our special event to launch the Dark Would anthology in Manchester, October 2013.

Scott Thurston reads Jackson Mac Low

Tom Jenks reads Georges Perec.

Gareth Twose: a preview

Gareth Twose will read at the next Other Room, on Wednesday 4th December, The Castle Hotel, 66 Oldham Street, Manchester, M4 1LE. 7 PM start. The other readers are Robert Sheppard and Sandeep Parmar. The clip above shows Gareth reading at the launch of Top Ten Tyres in August 2013.  Preview of Robert Sheppard to follow.


Gareth Twose is organiser of the Writers Forum North and one of the organisers of the Peter Barlow’s Cigarette series of Manchester based poetry readings.  In 2012, he co-organised the Manchester Poets for Pussy Riot event at the Lass O’Gowrie.  Recent work has appeared in publications including 3 am, Depart, Litter, Sunfish, Assent and Ink, Sweat & Tears.  His debut collection, Top Ten Tyres, was recently published by Red Ceilings Press.

Some links:

Poems in 3 AM Magazine.
Poems in Depart.

Carolyn Thompson at The Other Room

Carolyn Thompson at The Other Room’s Manchester launch of The Dark Would.

Sandeep Parmar: a preview

Sandeep Parmar will read at the next Other Room, on Wednesday 4th December, The Castle Hotel, 66 Oldham Street, Manchester, M4 1LE. 7 PM start. The other readers are Robert Sheppard and Gareth Twose, with previews of both to follow. The clip above shows Sandeep reading for the Poets and Players reading series at the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester, March 2013.


Sandeep Parmar was born in Nottingham and raised in Southern California. She is embarassed to admit she received an MA in Creative Writing from UEA  (gah!) and has her PhD in English Lit from UCL (on Mina Loy’s archive). Her Collected Poems of Hope Mirrlees appeared from Carcanet in 2011 and her collection The Marble Orchard was published by Shearsman in 2012. Her second book of poems, Eidolon, will hopefully appear soon. She lectures at the University of Liverpool. She’s the Reviews Editor of The Wolf poetry magazine.

Some links:

Reading Mina Loy’s Autobiographies
The Collected Poems of Hope Mirrlees
The Marble Orchard
The Wolf

Harry Gilonis video from The Other Room, August 2013

Harry Gilonis reads for The Other Room. This video is archived along with all other readings in the middle bar.

Mike Chavez-Dawson video clip at The Other Room

As part of The Dark Would celebrations at The Other Room Mike Chavez-Dawson produced Rorschachs, in part by writing dead poets’ names in paint. These names were given to him by the audience on the night. This clip shows him making John Keats and below that a still of Brecht (Berthold).


Mike Chavez-Dawson is an artist-curator based at Rogue Artists’ Studios, Manchester, UK. He instigated and curated the critically acclaimed shows ‘Unrealised Potential’ and David Shrigley’s solo show entitled ‘HOW ARE YOU FEELING?’ for the Cornerhouse (2012–13). His extraordinary proposal ‘Beyond the Medium, A Rake’s Dream…’ made the 100 favorite proposals for Artangel ‘OPEN’ 2013 and now is in production for 2015.He was recently commissioned by the Centre for Contemporary Chinese Art for their ‘Don’t Feed the Artist’ performance program, and awarded the open submission commission for Emergency 2013 by hab, z-arts and word of warning.

Chavez-Dawson judged (alongside Laurie Peake, Paul Stolper and Iain Andrews) and curated the neo:art prize 2013.
He is a PhD research fellow at MMU, MIRIAD, and has exhibited and performed at TATE Britain, Barbican, ICA, Cornerhouse, The Whitworth Art Gallery, British Art Show 7 at Nottingham Contemporary and The Whitstable Biennale (2008). He has also had numerous international shows and projects in Rome, New York, Sans Francisco, Lisbon, Seoul, Helsinki and Dresden.

David Berridge – Bring the Thing

Other Room reader David Berridge has a new publication with if p then q.

To find out more visit the LINK


Rhys Trimble: Paper on Processual Poetics and Nygraumancy Smoothie Diet

Online at VerySmallKitchen.

Jo Langton: a preview

Jo Langton will perform at the next Other Room on Thursday, 15th August at The Castle Hotel, 66 Oldham St., Manchester, M4 1LE. 7pm start, admission free. The film above shows Jo performing with Sarah Crewe at SJ Fowler’s Enemies event in Manchester earlier this year. You can also read some poems at Ofi Press, watch her perform at the DEPT/zimZalla event in 2012, or watch another performance with Sarah Crewe at the Manchester Poets for Pussy Riot event.

The other readers are Harry Gilonis and Elizabeth James.

Jo Langton is the author of ZimZalla object #015, PoeTea, consisting of handmade bags with text instead of tea. Her work has appeared in Department, 3.A.M, Otoliths, and Catechism: Poems For Pussy Riot. She also sub-edited and appeared in The Dark Would language art anthology, and has a MA in Experimental Writing from the University of Salford. Fill the Silence was published by erbacce press in 2011. She might have a cheeky chapbook before autumn, providing koi carp and terror cats don’t steal her soul along the way.

Elizabeth James: a preview

Elizabeth James will perform at the next Other Room on Thursday, 15th August at The Castle Hotel, 66 Oldham St., Manchester, M4 1LE. 7pm start, admission free. Visit her site for more information, including some links to poems. The other readers are Harry Gilonis and Jo Langton. A preview of Jo will appear tomorrow.

Elizabeth James is one of the dodgy tribe of librarian-poets. She has had poems published in magazines, small press pamphlets / chapbooks, on the web, and once as a CD sleeve note. She has often worked collaboratively with other poets including Frances Presley (‘Neither the One Nor the Other’ published by Form Books] and Peter Manson (Two Renga’, published in a Reality Street ‘Four Pack’);  with Jane Draycott she made a series of audio works combining poetry and other material, for independent and BBC radio; at the turn of the millennium too she experimented briefly with electronic poetry, including an early hypertext collaboration with Miekal And, still online. Her solo chapbook, ‘Base to Carry’ was published by Barque Press. A selection of work can be heard on the Archive of the Now. Has done other kinds of writing, including occasional art criticism and essays, and has a career as a librarian and curator at the National Art Library, a public research and reference library within the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Harry Gilonis – a preview

Harry Gilonis will read at the next Other Room on Thursday, 15th August at The Castle Hotel, 66 Oldham St., Manchester, M4 1LE. 7pm start, admission free. For a flavour of his work, try this clip of him reading at Xing the Line last year. You can also read his Remarks on Poetry and Violence at the Militant Poetics site, read 3 poems at the eleksographia site, or watch him perform with Tim Atkins at last year’s Camarade event.

Previews of the other readers, Elizabeth James and Jo Langton, will appear soon.

Harry Gilonis is a poet, editor, publisher, and writer on art, poetry and music. His last appearance in Manchester was in a debate at Manchester Metropolitan University, opposing the curious proposition that “art is art and everything else is everything else”; his last reading in Manchester was at a squat in Rusholme.  His activity is often collaborative; he has co-published a renga written collectively with Tony Baker, from far away (Oasis Books) as well as several collaborations with visual artists.  There are a couple of very small collaborations with Elizabeth James, one published in a recent issue of the Anglo-Catalan magazine Alba Londres.  His most recent publications include a book of “faithless” Chinese translations, eye-blink (from London’s Veer Books), and a poem accompanying the solo CD, Whitstable Solos, by Evan Parker (Psi).

‘flick invicta’ by Sarah Crewe

Sarah Crewe’s poems are deliberately resistant. flick/invicta raises the question: does a poetry which comes from outside, or which challenges, dominant ideology also need to come outside of normal syntax, to exceed normal registers? Does poetry need to challenge our modes of interpretation before it challenges anything else? Some of the poems in the pamphlet become so obfuscated as to resemble catalogues of private obsessions, and seem like the “secret code” mentioned in ‘bridge’. Others are, in context, remarkably conventional. But the best are hair-raising and subversive, breaking language up to “bring the vowels back” and “prise consonants/apart”.

Other Room reader Sarah Crewe’s flick/invicta reviewed by Charles Whalley at Sabotage.

Change of line up for June Other Room

Sadly, Corina Copp is unable to read for us on June 24th as previously advertised, but happily, Sarah Crewe can. The changed line up is now cris cheek, Sarah Crewe, and Lewis Freedman. Previews of all three readers will appear on the site over the  next few weeks. An amended flier can be found in the ‘Upcoming’ section in the centre column.

Patrick Coyle performing at The Other Room, April 2013

All media resources are archived in the middle section of the website.

The House of Zabka by Marcus Slease

“The House of Zabka” by Marcus Slease

A Polish folk tale meets Kurt Vonnegut’s surreal science fiction. A visionary, oracular original fairy tale that follows a butcher’s daughter to the deepest, darkest, strangest depths of the forest. A playful walk with a sausage-dog companion past sex shops and donuts, including a plastic dragon that will breathe fire if you text message it.

Each chapbook is roughly 4.25″ x 5.5″, handmade in a limited edition of 60. Stapled with handmade endpapers. Endpapers for “The House of Zabka” are marbled metallic multicolored Nepalese Lokta papers. Available from Deathless Press.


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