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Stephen Nelson: Thorn Corners

Thorn Corners


Stephen Nelson is a Scottish poet who works in a variety of forms, from free verse to Vispo. Previous titles include Lunar Poems for New Religions (Knives, Forks and Spoons Press), Flylyght (KFS Press), Eye Jar (Red Ceilings Press), YesYesY (Little Red Leaves Textile Series), and two chapbooks of visual poetry. His work has appeared in a number of magazines and been exhibited globally, and recently featured in The Sunday Times Poet’s Corner. He was also a contributor to The Last Vispo Anthology (Fantagraphics Books). Born in 1970, he lives in the sky near Glasgow.

Out now on Erbacce.

The Found Poetry Review

“Happy poets who write found poetry go pawing through popular culture like sculptors on trash heaps. They hold and wave aloft usable artifacts and fragments: jingles and ad copy, menus and broadcasts — all objet trouvés, the literary equivalents of Warhol’s Campbell’s soup cans and Duchamp’s bicycle. By entering a found text as a poem, the poet doubles its context. The original meaning remains intact, but now it swings between two poles. The poet adds, or at any rate increases, the element of delight. This is an urban, youthful, ironic, cruising kind of poetry. It serves up whole texts, or interrupted fragments of texts.” — Annie Dillard

The Found Poetry Review is now open for submissions until June 30th.

I Love Roses When They’re Past Their Best

Edited by Harry Burke with poems by Rachael Allen, Jayinee Basu, Gabby Bess, Crispin Best, Harry Burke, Sophie Collins, Carina Finn, Cassandra Gillig, Francesca Lisette, Luna Miguel, Marianne Morris, Sam Riviere, Bunny Rogers, Guillermo Ruiz de Loizaga, Timothy Thornton & Vicki Tingle.

I Love Roses When They’re Past Their Best is an experimental poetry anthology which brings together the work of 16 young poets whose work has been influenced by the digital age.


Out now from Knives Forks and Spoons.

Shearsman Review

First online issue of The Shearsman Review edited by Ben Hickman is HERE.

The Other Room anthology 6 – out now

Anthology front

We are delighted to announce the publication of our sixth anthology, featuring all of the performers at The Other Room over the past year: Richard Barrett; derek beaulieu; Mike Chavez-Dawson; cris cheek; Patrick Coyle; Sarah Crewe; Lewis Freedman; Harry Gilonis; Elizabeth James; Tom Jenks; Laurence Lane; Jo Langton; Sandeep Parmar; Holly Pester; Frances Presley; Gavin Selerie; Robert Sheppard; Rachel Smith; Chris Stephenson; Carolyn Thompson; Rhys Trimble; Chrissy Williams; Nigel Wood. Click HERE to buy a copy from within the UK, and HERE to buy a copy from elsewhere.

Beard of Bees 100th chapbook

To Cure Nature with Science is the 100th chapbook published by Eric Elshtain’s online imprint Beard of Bees. Written using poetry generating software Gnoetry, this chapbook is a treatment of the previous 99 Beard of Bees chapbooks:

“In an effort to honor the dual function of Beard of Bees Press, as publisher of machine, human-machine, and human poetries, editor Elshtain uploaded the each of the first 99 chapbooks in his Gnoetry engine and asked the machine to render the works, through its magic of statistical analysis and system of penalty/reward, into 100 fifteen-line stanzas, each line consisting of anywhere between five and ten syllables. Then, Elshtain and Beard of Bees factotums Rachel Burman and Shannon Frech pored over the material, looking for clues, hints, and threads. Breaking the material into rough thirds, each took a pile of stanzas home and made light to medium edits, finding arguments for changes on the punctuation, word, syntactical and grammatical level— sometimes, even on the poetical and historical levels.”

New from Oystercatcher

Scott Thurston: Figure Detached, Figure Impermanent

A series of trials set up like islands in a river – noticing where a current is viable even in concealment. A perfect will turns like a needle as a thread of disgust stitched through every day starts to come undone. You slip into the stream.


Michael Farrell: the thorn with the boy in its side

reading [ ...] with the light on

after the escalators –

metaphors became metaph-

ors. ‘[ ... ]’ [my translation.] & ‘ive always been a

rebel’. i survey

the experimental fencing. the word

‘poets’ in black, on pineapp-

le; the fuchsia in the freezer.

‘chasing’ a sound

down george st: a drag

queen with the name ‘fay doubt’.
‘moving away’ seems too obvious. youre in

the gardens, suddenly conf-

ronted by an expanse of sonnets.

they take your weight.

Sein und Werden: the Oulipo issue

Online now, featuring Norman Conquest, Matt Leyshon, Esther Greenleaf Murer, Hugo Vernier, Dominy Clements, Teri Lee Kline, Patrick Cosgrove, David McGroarty, W.C. Bamberger, Aja Bamberger, Martin Rose, Susan Oke, Allen Ashley, David Turnbull, Benjamin Robinson, Wayne Clements, Philip Terry, James Davies, Mark Lewis, Tom Jenks, Paolo Brito, Charlie Loudowl, Daniel Galef, John Shire, Dan Morey, Rachel Rodman, Dave Drayton.

Whale Hunt

Poet and vangardist, SJ Fowler, strives to encounter and confront all disciplines in the poetic tradition. His latest work starts from a root of Norse mythology and carves a path through contemporary poetics and language construction.

Whale Hunt is a curated section of Fowler’s Vikings work and is published as an illustrated pamphlet by Annexe.


Chrissy Williams Epigraphs out from if p then q


A new and fantastic title from if p then q by last year’s The Other Room performer Chrissy Williams. Epigraphs is a pamphlet of well, epigraphs. To find out more there’s a sample up on the if p then q website as well as details of how to purchase.


Nerve Lantern: Axon of Performance Literature

Nerve Lantern is a journal of experimental performance texts and texts about performance, supporting a range of forms including poets’ theatre and page-as-stage, published by Pyriform Press and edited by Ellen Redbird. Past contributors include: Anne Waldman, Carla Harryman, Kevin Killian, kari edwards, Michelle Ellsworth, Michael Basinski, Camille Roy, Akilah Oliver, Bhanu Kapil, Rodrigo Toscano, Jena Osman, and Sawako Nakayasu. Now accepting submissions for Issue 8, deadline: September 1, 2014.



Email submissions to





VierSomes 002

Francesca Lisette/nick-e melville/Samantha Walton/Jeroen Nieuwland.

Out this month on Vier Books.

Maintenant #98 –Volodymyr Bilyk

At the heart of a new Ukraine, as poetically as politically, the work of Volodymyr Bilyk, and it’s worldwide repute, as is tied to the new possibilities of technology in the 21st century as it is the quality and innovation that defines it. Bilyk is the new face of a nation whose poetic history is as often entrenched as its political, and his groundbreaking visual, minimalist, conceptual, sound and artpoetry has been published across the globe, due in no small part to his willingness to embed himself within internet culture and its potentialities. Moreover, his immediacy as a poet, as evident in his poetics as in his colloquially eloquent, unpretentious mode and manner, reveals itself as the expression of an individual willing to commit utterly to the ideal of democratic freedom in his homeland. This interview is conducted during the unyielding protests, and the resultant government violence and oppression, wracking the Ukraine in late 2013 / early 2014, of which Volodymyr Bilyk, the 98th respondent of the Maintenant series, is a central and formidable part.

Andy Martrich : NJN Transition

A documentation of the New Jersey State Senate’s plot for world takeover, available now on Gauss PDF.

Tim Allen – Copyright

Available now from Department Press

A4. 108pp. £8.00

Dark Would exhibition catalogue free download

If you were unable to see the language art exhibition The Dark Would at Summerhall in Edinburgh (7 December 2013 – 24 January 2014) you can download a pdf catalogue from the Summerhall website here. The catalogue, edited by Philip Davenport and designed by Steve Giasson, works really well in iBooks and it’s free.

Tony Lopez – Two Prints

Go to to view both these prints

Venus appears to shine most brightly in the sky just after sunset. Evening Star, set out as a circle poem and printed in deep blue on satin white, combines topographical and celestial scales in a brief form of words.
This silkscreen print is published in an edition of 10, signed and numbered, available only on
A3 plus: image 297 x 485 mm, paper 386 x 570 mm.

If it were possible, an art of pure ideas must nonetheless rely on language: a matter subject to slippage, manipulation and play, to colour and emotion, to expectations and their subversion, diversion or delay. Ideas Aside is a language game of wooden and metal sans-serif type composed in the press and printed in permanent red ink.
This letterpress print is published in an edition of 20, signed and numbered, available only on
A3 plus: image 260 x 381 mm, paper 350 x 513 mm.

The Carousing Duck

2014-02-15 07.21.06


zimZalla object 022 is The Carousing Duck, a technicolour, fully reversible flip chart poem by Tim Allen. For more information, visit the zimZalla site.


This via derek beaulieu

89+ – would like to officially invite you to publish a book as part of the exhibition “Poetry Will Be Made By All!” to be held in Zürich (January 30 – March 30, 2014). This invitation also comes on behalf of the LUMA Foundation and the 89plus project, co-curated by Simon Castets and Hans Ulrich Obrist.

The exhibition will feature 1,000 new books of poetry, printed on demand and housed in an exhibition library, all made by poets born on or after 1989. We will be drawing on poets like you from over 50 countries, scattered across six continents, to create an expansive library of the absolute contemporary in poetry and poetics.

The books will be printed and exhibited in Zürich at LUMA/Westbau. An additional copy of the book will be sent to you (the author) at your home address. Digital copies will be available for download or printing (via Lulu) on the exhibition

Of course, we’re on an accelerated timeline. We hope that you can send a manuscript of any length and style during the exhibition between now and March 30th. The sooner you send, the sooner we can publish and exhibit your book!

Here are the instructions for submitting your manuscript:

Instructions for Submitting a Book to “Poetry Will Be Made By All!”

1. Register with 89plus at:
2. Go to the submission page:
3. Enter the password: upload2014
4. Fill in all required fields
5. Upload your manuscript in .doc, .docx, .rtf or similar file. No PDFs! All languages welcome!
6. Submit!

We tremendously excited to develop a truly global network of writers—and hope you’ll join us. Please feel free to write with any questions or concerns at any time.

All very best,
Derek Beaulieu

Kenneth Goldsmith and Danny Snelson
Poetry will be made by all! / 89plus


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