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Rhys Trimble: Herserix

Out now on Knives Forks and Spoons.

Oystercatcher: James Byrne, Sandeep Parmar, Rod Mengham

Rod Mengham’s Paris by Helen and James Byrne and Sandeep Parmar’s Myth of the Savage Tribes, Myth of Civilised Nations are out now on Oystercatcher Press.

E.ratio 19

New issue out now, plus e-chaps by Eileen R. Tabios and David Berridge.

aglimpseof issue 16

Edited by Sarah Crewe and Dimitra Ioannou, the Cranberry Jouissance issue of aglimpseof includes a poem by Richard Barrett.

Shadowtrain 42

Out now, featuring work from Janet Sutherland; Max Ghiara; Liz Adams; Martin Stannard; Alan Baker; Iain Britton; Lawrence Upton; Rupert M Loydell; Dick Jones; Ben Parker; Hillary Lyon; Mark Russell; Jonah Wilberg; Carrie Ichikawa Jenkins.

Stephen Emmerson: Comfortable Knives

Out now on Knives Forks and Spoons.

Two new publications from Hi Zero

Hi Zero magazine number(ed) 27. On sale. Features poems/prose by Juha Virtanen, Danny Hayward, John DeWitt, Purdey Lord Kreiden, Christina Chalmers, Michael Thomas Taren, Sam Langer, Verity Spott, Timothy
Thornton, Ed Atkins, Lisa Jeschke and Florence Warner. Cover designed by Robbie Dawson, edited by Joe Luna. UK £4 incl. p+p; ROW £6.

Ten Zones by Joe Luna. 18-panel Z-fold concertina pamphlet. Designed and (ltd. number) hand-painted-on by Ed Atkins. Edition of 200. UK £6 incl. p+p; ROW £8.

Contact to purchase and query.

David Miller special at Stride

Includes a review by James Davies of Miller’s Collected Poems Reassembling Still and an interview  and tribute by Rupert Loydell


New from Oystercatcher

Alex Houen; Rouge States

Ben Hickman; Later Britain

Out now on Oystercatcher.

Peter Jaeger – ‘540493390 (research)’

Out now on Veer Books.

In the Catacombs

Opened in 1837 and inspired by the Pere Lachaise in Paris, West Norwood became known as the Millionaire’s Cemetery. But within its opulent grounds there are twelve buried names whose currency is language: these are the dead poets of West Norwood.

In the first instalment of a project to map the Magnificent Seven, Chris McCabe takes us off the main track of London writing and asks why the works of Hopkins, Tennyson and Dickinson are still read above those buried in this suburban enclave of South London. Join McCabe on the hunt for a great lost poet, as he walks the winding Gothic paths of the Cemetery and makes an unexpected discovery underground in the catacombs. The stories of those loved and dismissed by Charles Dickens are carefully uncovered; those who influenced Lewis Carroll and Winston Churchill; and those whose burial in the common ground has not been enough to silence them.

A startling and original work of literary detection, In the Catacombs is written in a hybrid form – part literary criticism, part Gothic fiction- and places West Norwood Cemetery and its dead poets back into the foreground of the London psyche.

Out now on Penned in the Margins.

On Liberty, Repressed

An Oulipian treatment of John Stuart Mill, out now on Knives Forks and Spoons.

new from NO PRESS: ULYSSES by Jacqueline Valencia

No Press is proud to announce the publication of Ulysses by Jacqueline Valencia.

Published in a limited edition of 50 copies (only 25 of which are for sale), Ulysses is available for $3.50 including domestic postage (+ $1 non-Canadian postage).

James Davies – Two Fat Boys


Out now from Knives, Forks and Spoons Press


Crabtree lived here and his father before him,

but neither of them built the pyramid.

40 poem chapbook by Tom Jenks, out now on The Red Ceilings.

Stephen Emmerson’s Poetry Wholes


Poet Stephen Emmerson worked with if p then q to create the incredible Poetry Wholes. This was a limited edition of 11 copies, all of which have now been sold. However they are available to use in both The Poetry Library or at The University of Buffalo Special Collections. The Poetry Wholes are made of high quality laser cut Perspex and come housed in a box with a set of instructions. Each Poetry Wholes contains 5 templates which you can use to make instantaneous poetry in a range of styles. Choose from the following:

The Sonnet
‘Vito Acconci’
The Ballad
The ‘Slash’

For more see IF P THEN Q

Dramatis Personae

Duchamp new v2


Dramatis Personae is an ebook selection from the five collaborations written by Chris McCabe and Tom Jenks for SJ Fowler’s Camarade project between 2011 and 2013.  Out now on The Argotist Online.

TYPEWRITER ART : A Modern Anthology


 TYPEWRITER ART : A Modern Anthology by Barrie Tullett

176 pages, 260 illustrations
Laurence King £19.95.

The first typewriter artist to find fame was Flora F. F. Stacey, with her butterfly drawing of 1898; but since the very beginning of the typewriter’s existence, artists, designers, poets and writers have used this rigorous medium to produce an astounding range of creative work.

This beautiful book brings together some of the best examples by typewriter artists around the world. As well as key historical work from the Bauhaus, H. N. Werkman and the concrete poets, there is art by contemporary practitioners, both typewriter artists who use the keyboard as a ‘palette’ to create artworks, and artists/typographers using the form as a compositional device. The book will appeal to graphic designers, typographers, artists and illustrators, and anyone fascinated by predigital technology.




if p then q reviews round up

if p then q books operate in an interesting corner of the poetry publishing spectrum, embracing a range of experimental and ‘sound-based’ writers of differing persuasions and distinctions.

Steve Spence reviews books by David Berridge, Geof Huth, Derek Henderson, Tim Atkins, Holly Pester and P. Inman

Read more HERE


Launched at the turn of the new millennium, Fulcrum: an anthology of poetry and aesthetics is a one-of-a-kind international literary annual that includes poetry, critical and philosophical essays on poetry, debates and visual art in every issue. It aims to offer an evolving map of what is most important and vibrant in the current poetic process throughout the English-speaking world, with occasional detours into other lands. Fulcrum publishes poetic and critical work of the highest quality from all regions populated by the English language and generates a global cross-talk on vital issues among poets, critics, philosophers, artists, psychologists and other humanists.

Submissions to Fulcrum will be open only during the month of May. All work should be previously unpublished.


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