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knives, forks and spoons

A new poetry imprint from Ricahrd Barrett.

“It will publish in a range of formats from pamphlets through to perfect bound books.

The next title scheduled for publication is * by Tom Jenks.

Submissions of complete manuscripts only are invited.”


Richard Makin – St. Leonards

Chapter XXXI of Richard Makin’s serial publication St. Leonards is now available from Great Works.


Next Openned

The next Openned night takes place at 7.15pm on Thursday 2nd July. Tina Darragh, James Davies, Harry Godwin, P. Inman, Rebecca Rosier and Steve Willey will be reading. Openned nights are held at The Foundry in London, UK. Admission is always free.


X E R O L A G E 4 2

“The primary investigation of Xerolage is how collage technique of 20th century art, typography, computer graphics, visual & concrete poetry movements & the art of the copier have been combined. Each issue is devoted to the work of one artist (or set of collaborators).”


The Logoclasody Manifesto

“Ours is an age of anxiety, of dissociation of sensibility, of pessimism, cynicism, incredulousness. Our state, our condition, is a constant “fight or flight.” We are a matter of excretions. Our wets. Our arts. Our poetry. Excretions, anxieties, this enormity, this Behemoth.

Ours is the age of canned laughter. (There is an analogue for this in poetry.) This has been imposed on us. We — we poets! — must struggle to be free of this.”


Skylines Festival

Exeter and its surroundings is a truly wonderful place to be and in the summer too…

Skylines is an exhibition, a festival, and academic forum. An innovative project with an international focus bringing together work in the interdisciplinary fields of creative writing and ecology. Mixed media work including site-specific installations, paintings, text, and video, will be displayed in and around the gallery throughout the duration of the project, while the launch day on June 7th, and festival day on June 20th, will see a wide range of diverse artists coming together in performance, enquiry, and celebration. A focus on new media and writing with digital technologies helps to re-position the subject of Ecopoetics within a contemporary landscape. Workshops will engage young people and charities in the local community.



All posters by Alex Davies are now held in the column to the right. Here is the poster for the first ever night.


Anthropology of curiosity

“The next issue of LiteRacje will concern the phenomenon of the anthropology of curiosity. We understand this as a meta-concept which despite many attempts of analysis still evades expression within the categories of universal human experience. We would like to ponder the notion of curiosity understood in a variety of ways. On the one hand we see it as one of the basic natural and adaptive functions of the human being, on the other as transgressive curiosity. The latter can be sought as cognitive combat with the essence of being where one strives to capture the mystery in order to find out what is on the other side of the mirror; to find the answer to the question of what remains veiled.

In the first part of the volume we would like to focus on the origins of the phenomenon of curiosity. Since when can we discuss a certain space of meeting between man and signs of reality and the shift of the model of cultural representation? Was it curiosity that triggered this meeting and this change? Was it motivation which can be clasped in an “untiring, unlimited and useless” longing for knowledge as says the English proverb? Or maybe it was  “an unbearable curiosity experienced whilst observing a bug touched with a stick” ? – as Gombrowicz said.

In the second part attention will be cast on symptoms of curiosity both from the visible and invisible spheres. There will be space for the private and the public, for adventures of the body and the soul, for curiosity labeled as healthy and sick; noble and not noble. The point is to make use of panoramic- and micro-perspectives when pinning up this ephemeral category. We will consider curiosity in its cultural and natural context; equipped with devices such as the telescope and the microscope we are bound to make a difference.

Finally we will end up with poetry, prose and drama pieces. We encourage you also to send us graphics, comic-booklets, sketches possessing a seducing quality, and involving the spectator in a subtle game of chance, competition and bewilderment. We would like to transgress something, above all we are interested in a meeting. A meeting outside the walls each one of us carries inside, outside the curtain concealing things and forcing us to perceive our thoughts on things rather than things themselves. We invite you, curiosity-seekers.

All Humanists are welcome to send their works. We are waiting for your papers hoping to build an interesting spectrum of the “Anthropology of Curiosity” issue of LiteRacje.    

Deadline: August 31st 2009

Instructions for authors:

Font: Times New Roman 12; space 1,5; footnotes: down on each page; bibliography: at the end of the text; maximum 15 pages. Please write a short biographic note and an abstract of your text (ca. 8 sentences).

Leading editor of the issue: Dorota Sobstel”

From Grzegorz Wroblewski

The Other Room 8 Videos

Alex Davies

Matt Dalby

Allen Fisher

Art Yarn

Salford, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Based in Salford, “ArtYarn is a collaborative fibre arts project coordinated by visual artists Rachael Elwell and Sarah Hardacre. ArtYarn aim to use traditional knitting and crochet techniques in contemporary visual arts projects. And aspire to promote the diversity and versatility of knitting and crochet as a medium. Interested in the artistic, social and historical contexts of knitting and crochet, ArtYarn are focused on the tactility of hand processes. Enjoying the repetitive and often obsessive nature of this work, ArtYarn view knitting and crochet as an opportunity for individual creative expression and at the same time explore the medium as a way to make art accessible through participatory making and collaborative exchange.”


a by Sophie Robinson

a, by Sophie Robinson, is now out from Les Figues Press.

Via Openned.

Futurists, Vorticists, Imagists: where are the manifesto writers today?


“Whatever happened to manifestos? There was a time, 100 years ago, when you couldn’t open a paper without seeing a litany of avant-garde statements, or a crazily idealistic declaration of political attitudes, or a sternly numbered list of arty Dos and Donts, as portentous as the Ten Commandments. Writers, poets, sculptors, artists and freelance visionaries would meet at the Eiffel Tower restaurant or stay up all night in bordellos, thrashing out their stroppy jeremiads like kidnappers writing ransom notes. They may have been a few elephants short of the full zoo, but by God they were passionate.”


Joy as Tiresome Vandalism: Absolute Elsewhere

Absolute Elsewhere is the second poetry/photo project by Joy as Tiresome Vandalism (James Davies (poetry) & Simon Taylor (photography). Rather than JTV responding to the other’s work (as they did in the two aRb projects) they are responding to clues each sets. Starting in April 2009 and finishing March 2010 they will produce 6 pairs of work. In the first month of each pair a clue will be set for the other to respond to. JTV will not see the other person’s work until the project is over. Then the collection will be turned into a pdf. This site is being maintained by an independent body.


The Other Room Library


The Other Room has a small but beautifully formed collection of publications that are available for loan. For more about this new project, click here.

Gylphi – subscribe now

With the first issue to be published in September 2009, we are pleased to announce that you can now subscribe to the Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry online.


A Voice Box

Bay Area audio readings. Miles Champion for starters, whose new book comes out today-ish How to Laugh : more pure lushness


Cutting Room Experiment – phase 2

The next phase of the innovative Cutting Room Experiment has been announced, with the winning ideas and schedule going up on the website.



Each day Wikipedia features one of their best articles on its front page as an example of the heights of clarity and knowledge the volunteer encyclopedia can reach. Clarity and knowledge are not enlightenment however. Wikipoetry’s mission is to translate the featured articles of Wikipedia into a poetic form that speaks to the soul.



The Salford Concert series continues…

WEDNESDAY 10th JUNE at the most Sofa-centric venue in town: ISLINGTON MILL, James street, Salford, (for the sat-nav savvy: M3 5HW)
doors opening: 8.00pm, your financial outlay: a mere £5.


The Other Room 8 – debrief

Thank you to everyone who made The Other Room 8 on 3rd June such a success: to Matt Dalby, Alex Davies and Allen Fisher for three stunning performances; to The Old Abbey Inn for hosting us and to everyone who came along.

Footage of the evening will appear on the site shortly. Some thoughts about the night are collected in the History section of the site. Click here to jump straight there.


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